Vientiane, Laos
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Dec 31, 2007 10:43
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Last Few Hours of 2007!!

When staying in Chiang Mai a group of us quickly became friends and hung out.. one of which was heading to Laos for New Year also, so we kept in touch so as to bring in the bells.  Always nice when you're with someone you know!

Vientianne it fairly small.. I had expected it to be a bit bigger as it's the capital but it's situated round a fountain in the central square and then has several guest houses and cafes dotted around.  Apart fromt hat there isn't much to see there but it is a lovely place to chill out for a couple of days.  I'm staying near the Mekong River, although it's not a scenic here as in other places.. more of a large muddy shoreline before you reach the river. 

After I settled into my room, Rod and I set out to take a look around and find somewhere to party that night as many places were closing at 9pm.. apparently very common for all bars to close early .. even on NY's Eve!  We eventually found a place that was selling tickets for an all you can eat/drink bananza so we opted for that.  It was an outdoor bar a stones throw from our guest house and there was to be live music which was a bonus!

We got there fairly early around 7pm.. it'd be rude not to get our money's worth right?  It was a great night.. although I somewhat misjudged the temperature change as the sun set, I sat in my skirt and off the shoulder top it the temperature suddenly plummeted.  I was tempted to head back to my room to grab a jumper but realised most things that would keep me warm were currently on a ship somwhere between here and Glasgow.  So I wrapped my Pachmina around me and hoped the beer would work it's magic.  There was a prize draw for lots of different things, which seemed to go on forever.  The bells eventually came around and everone in the bar lit their sparklers as fireworks went off.  It was a great night!   

Here's to 2008!!!


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Rod and I on New Years Eve The waitresses at the restaurant Rod and I The fab buffet The em.... dancers Me Me Prize giving Rod and his tinsel Freezing outdoor party More prize giving Happy New Year!!! Sparklers.. dangerous things those.. I still have a scar! Rod and I Me.. attempting to draw 2008 in the air with slow shutter spped on the camera.. not working again Fireworks Vientianne Vientianne Vientianne Cafe Jabo Fountain Jabo The place of our previous nights party!