Chiang Mai, Thailand
18° 47' N 99° 0' E
Dec 29, 2007 06:54
Distance 10km

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Christmas Celebrations with Joanne

Joanne wanted me to check out some clothes she was having made for her in town so we made our way in.. and stayed out for a few drinks afterwards. Joanne had met a guy in Southern Thailand and had promised to pay him a visit when she was in Chiang Mai so we went along to his mates bar called 'The What'.. owned by an english guy who'd moved out there. It was a great night .. but there were far too many purple rain thingys being served.. can't remember what they were called .. point proven.

Photos / videos of "Christmas Celebrations with Joanne":

Harry and Jo Harry and Jo Pool Jo working the pool cue Jo and I Jo and I Jo and I (again) Kevin and his girlfriend (!!) Mon, Kevin and Steve The purple shot things.. they light it, you drink it and then they trap the alcohol fumes which you have to breath through a straw.. very random and about as nice as it sounds! The purple (blue) shots Steve Me having a go Yes.. they were yummy Jo Jo Jo Jo and a small Thai boy who was trying to sell her flowers Me Jo Me Me An elephant that was passing the bar Just noticed the girl feeding the elephant with her mouth Fellephant. so cute.. it was really young Jo and some lady-boys Thai ladies selling jewelry.. they never stop!