Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Dec 24, 2007 08:17
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Christmas Eve

Having not been very well the past few days I had to opt out of the 'Thai Christmas Eve Dinner' as it was going to be full of things that I knew my body would instantly reject.  I did however, join them for a few drinks afterwards as a full night in was something I could not handle!  Those who could still muster the energy to go for a few drinks after stuffing themselves stupid headed out with me to the 'Warm Up' bar down the road.  Dressed to kill in our santa hats (and totally alone on the celebration front) we danced the night away and brought in the Christmas bells!


Photos / videos of "Christmas Eve":

Ryan in Warm Up bar ML and Jeremy Ryan (no.2) and I ML and Jeremy Taka and I Warm Up Bar Taka and Ryan (with his 'ultra cool' raver shades) Terrance, Jeremy and ML Terrance, Jeremy, ML, Taka and I Terrance, Taka and I Ryan, Terrance and ML ML and I Ryan, Taka and Terrance Ryan, Terrance and ML Taka (slightly worse for wear) ML, Jeremy and Taka My head, Taka's hand, Jeremy and KL Everyone in Warm Up Bar and some random dude who thought he was Eminem (or maybe Vanilla Ice)