Ko Tao, Thailand
10° 4' N 99° 52' E
Dec 16, 2007 03:26
Distance 130km

Text written in: English

No So Idyllic

When I was planning my trip up to Bangkok I thought I may as well check out the islands on the other side of southern Thailand.. after all I don't know when i'll be back. I reckoned that Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan would be full of backpackers and late night bars so I opted for Ko Tao (the farthest Island north of Ko Samui). It's small and secluded.. exactly what I was after for a couple of days.

I booked my accomodation online.. it took me a while to find somewhere that I coud afford as it's a haven for divers and rich people. Eventually I came across a lovely place called Sai Thong, a luxurious resort (so it said) that had cheap one bed bungalows amongst it's rather pricey villas. I arrived after a long journey and got a taxi boat over (in the peeing rain) to Sai Thong. It wasn't anything like a I expected. I don't want to launch in a long rant about it but It was pretty nasty. To start with my bed had big brown wriggley worms in it.. vomit. There were ants and spiders EVERYWHERE in my room.  They ran off a generator which was only on for a few hours a day so it was only warm beer.  It peed down the whole time, which granted, wasn't their fault but they have nothing for guests to do when it rains, so I read (a lot).  The staff were less than nice and made everyone order their dinner at 6pm so they could get cleaned up and close the restaurant/bar for 8:30.   Luckily I got chatting to an English couple who I ate with and brought out a pack of cards to entertain ourselves for a while.  We went for a walk and managed to stumble across a bar not far from the resort where we had a beer or two.  As you can guess.. with all my friends sharing the bed I didn't sleep well and decided to head off for Bangkok the next day.  I spent the morning on the lovely beach and then caught a boat over to the port.  I then jumped on a ferry to Chumporn where I was to then catch a bus to Bangkok.  

I have been on so many boats recently everthing is swaying! 

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Singa Beer on the Sai Thong beach restaurant Rainy day From the restaurant at night Moon reflection from the sea night shot again (spot James) Sai Thong restaurant Fuzzy shot of the Banana Bar Banana Bar View of the ocean from the wooden platform over the sea at Banana Bar Claire and Jamie The ocean and the moon Jamie and I Claire One of the thousands of dogs Sai Thong Beach Sai Thong Beach Sai Thong