Phuket, Thailand
7° 52' N 98° 24' E
Dec 11, 2007 05:48
Distance 47km

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Phuket Town

I arrived in humid Phuket Town after a hilarious journey over from Ko Phi Phi Island with Sarah.. I will miss her.

I managed to get a bus to my hostel and checked in.. must say I was pleasantly surprised! It's a lovely wee hideaway on one of the main streets. It's nowhere near the beach, which at the end of the day is fine for me as I have SO much planning to do over the next few days I don't know how much sunshine i'll see!

... Update... I finally managed to lay my hands on the latest Lonely Planets from a nearby second-hand bookstore.. you wouldn't believe how hard they are to find!! Since then I have been a hermit for the past two days and have spent all my time reading and map studying - planning the next few weeks.. which is a relief to say the least as I was worried all the accomodation would be booked out! I should be in Chiang Mai for Christmas.. so we'll see what that has to offer. In the mean time I have to plan Laos and Cambodia.. and if I have time I may treat myself to a visit to the beach on my last day in Phuket!

Phuket.. hot and sticky capital of the World.. or probably not as i'm sure i'll find out in the next few weeks.. but it sure feels like it. I'm in the centre of town and my hostel is sandwiched between meet and noodle stalls of which there are a plenty. The locals are very friendly.. most of whom are looking to drive me somewhere.. but due to my now near empty wallet and want to get fit again I'm walking everywhere. Safety isn't an issue here like it is in the west. Families will pick up passers by in the street and take them somewhere if it's on their route (for a fee of course). Kids in the cars don't bat an eyelid.. and most of them seem to be intrigued by the sight of a tall white girl with a big backpack as they give me a beaming smile with their faces pressed up against the windows.. it's very endearing.