Phuket, Thailand
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Dec 04, 2007 04:35
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Kata Beach

Well.. after a hot and sweaty day/night/train/bus/flight from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket I am finally here.. in Thailand.  Let the adventures begin!

I actually met two great girls on the flight to Phuket, we were all sitting in the same row and got talking.  Sarah is from the Midlands in the UK and Ilona is from Amsterdam.  Seeing as we were all traveling alone and headed in the same direction with no idea where we were going to stay we decided to stick together.  I gave my mate Seb from home (who was In Phuket for a Regatta) a call as he's said he could recommend somewhere for us to stay.  Me all madeo ur way to Kata Beach on the west coast of the Island.  We met up with Seb who kindly managed to find a bed for me in the room the team had hired to store the gear for the boat.  It was a regular hotel room just full of life rafts and the like! Oh and the odd member of the team popping in around 6am to fetch gear for the boat. I didn't care though.. I was chuffed to bits.. it had air con!!!!  He also managed to find a room for the girls for a few nights and we settled in.  Kata Beach is stunning.  It has it's fair share of stalls 'doing you good deal' (as do most place in Thailand) however it has a very relaxed atmosphere and it's the perfect place for us to relax for a few days.  We waste no time getting down to the beach to soak up the last of the days rays with a cold singha beer and some roasted nuts from a lady selling them along the beach.  We went out for a lovely and oh so cheap meal that night on the beach.

The next day we saw some of Kata and the girls made a few 'cheap' purchases.  We enjoyed the amazing beach and crystal clear water, before making our way to the local tourist centre (aka Jacks, Seb's friend) who sorted us out with boat passes for Ko Phi Phi where we were going the following day.  That night Seb invited us to join him and the team for sundown beers at a hilltop reggae bar called "After Beach Bar' we made it up their for some rum and cokes before we headed off to a Regatta party that he managed to blag us passes for.  We tucked into the free (yummy) food and drink saw some crazy local dancing and chatted to so many sailors I lost count.  Seb seemed in his element as did the girls!  After a while Seb and I headed off to join the rest of the team back at bar 44 in the town as the girls were going to join us later.  We partied into the night, it was a great laugh.

The next day however, I woke up feeling somewhat 'under the weather' and thought I had just overdone it the previous night.  I was soon to find out I had caught a nast virus that had been going around and I was bed ridden for the next few days.  The girls went off to Ko Phi Phi without me and I planned to join them as soon as I could muster the energy.  I was so thankful that I had my own space to get better.. I didn't like the thought of being this ill in a hostel.  Oof. 



Photos / videos of "Kata Beach":

Sarah and Ilona at the After Beach Bar The boys from Seb's sailing team (Full Metal Jacket) (!) Me, Sarah and Ilona Seb and I The view from the After Beach Bar.. all the green lights are boats on the water and the cluster of orange lights in the sky are lanterns that have been lit and let off to rise into the sky.. it was beautiful The Regatta party.. on the Kings birthday Ilona and Sarah Ilona and Sarah Sarah and I Sarah, Ilona and I Seb in a tuk tuk The streets of Kata Beach Seb and Curly Seb taking curly without his consent Curly.. not best pleased