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Nov 02, 2007 01:37
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Perth - Part 2

This weekend was Nicholas's birthday.. the old codger turned 28.. I swear I saw a grey hair.  Not that I should be joking about that.. i'm not too far behind him (and I pulled 2 out yesterday)

Cathryn pulled out all the stops and organised for everyone (Nick, Cat, Me, Hamish, Kirsty, Rachel, Tim, Michelle, John, Laurent, Julie and Chris) to take a trip down the coast for a barbeque.  We first of all took a trip on a steam train which was great.. first time for everything.. and turns out the train was made in Glasgow.. how about that!  Don't think the train had been upgraded since it's hay day (apart from new seat covers maybe) but it all added to the experience.  We then made our way to our cookout.. It was a fab day.. we found veered off the track and found a spot near a river where we parked up.  We made a fire and got several barbie's lit up.  Cat madea  cake for Nick (and Laurent.. who's birthday it was too).   After lunch we took a walk along the river, where nut job Chris decided to go for a swim (he's making a habit of doing that).  The water was freezing but he denied feeling it (serious doubts.. brave face I suspect).

I have myself another job this week.. woop de doo!! Get that moola in my withered bank account!  Nic and Cat's friend's, Ian and Colette and over from Edinburgh this week and they're all heading off down south for the weekend.  In a bid to save some dosh, and give them some space to breath, i've opted to stay in Perth.  Very much looking forward to relaxing with a dvd.

... Exciting but completely daft .. I have found a shop near my new work that sells food from back home.  It's called 'Best of British' and is filled with food and drinks from the home land.. there are things there that you don't even see in Glasgow anymore.. the old style refresher packets, WHAM bars!!, fruit salad chewy sweets!  I feel like I have stepped back in time and i'm 13 again.  They sell Irn Bru and I took a bottle home for Nick (knew he was sorely missing it) and he was very excited.  They don' have Scottish Blend though.. really.. not good enough.   

As my week's nearing an end.. I've just had conformation of another job that runs till I leave.. brilliant!  Can now fully enjoy a glass of red wine when I get home.

 ........ Update.... I have been at my new job a week now and I have to say it's boring the bejesus out of me but it pays and that's all that matters!  It's at an Architects office in the centre of town and everyone is really welcoming which was nice.  One of the Architects was entertaining me with his chat about a visit to Clatty Pats several years back.. I guess it's not the kind of thing you'd forget easily.

The weather is just getting better and better.  It was so hot this weekend we make our way up to  Kings Park for a picnic on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and we had the most amazing views of the city from up there.  After lunch we took a walk around the park and saw some waterfalls and even a wedding ceremony taking place! 

...... Okay....... today was the hottest yet.. 39 degrees and hardly anyone batted an eyelid.  I have a feeling I am going to have to get used to this before I make my way to the heat/humid capital of the world next week!

Well.. that's me away! I am going to miuss Perth.. I have loved staying and working here for the past few months.  I will not miss the morning squaking ritual from the zoo across the road that became known as my alarm (okay.. maybe just a little).  Had a lovely meal with Cathryn and Nicholas last night at an Italian restaurant on the water.  I am going to miss them.. they've been so kind putting me up and inviting me along to all their weekends away.  Because of them I had a great time in Perth.. thanks guys! xx

Photos / videos of "Perth - Part 2":

Steam Train (the station has been kept in it's original condition.. excluding the ice cream sign) Train Station Hamish inside the train Outdoor carriage Julie, Laurent and Nick The Steam! Not sure what this wee guy does.. Steam Train And made in Glasgow none the less Train Cat and Kirsty Controls Coal furness Chris Chris and Rachel Barbie spot Hamish and Steven getting the fire started Food food food! Left to right - Steven, Nicholas, Cathryn, Rachel, Michelle, John, Hamish and Kirsty Tim attempting to make it to the other side Nicholas and Chris Hmmm... NQR Yes.. he was the only one daft enough to do this and therefore everyone felt it was their right to take pictures Biggest Ant ever Tim.. not quite sure what he's doing here (don't even think he knows) Cathryn and the lovely cake she baked for Nicholas and Laurent's birthdays 'Happy Birthday' What big boys they are! 'Cutting the Cake' Picnic in Kings Park Kings Park Kings Park View of Perth City from the Park again Kings Park South Perth View of the City Nick and Cat Kings Park Perth Nick and Cathryn Nick an I again Cathryn and I Kings Park Kings Park Kings Park Kings Park Ducklings day out Making themselves presentable Off they go Kings Park Kings Park Glass Bridge in Kings Park Perth from the Glass Bridge Kings Park Kings Park Kings Park Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat Dinner with Nick and Cat