Wedge Island, Australia
35° 10' S 136° 27' E
Oct 20, 2007 01:44
Distance 1945km

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4x4 Camping Trip

We (the Scots, the English and the French) embarked on our camping trip to Wedge Island early on Saturday morning!

We packed the car and got all of the tents etc. sorted out.  Chris arrived with the hire car and we were on our way to Julie and Laurent's place to meet up with them (a French couple and their two friends who were coming with us - great opportunity to practise my french).  The drive down wasn't bad at all.. we were there in an hour or so.  We stopped for a picnic on the way.  We kept to the true British style of an easy tuna pasta salad, whilst the French out did us with an array of brie, blue cheese, parma ham and smoked salmon. 

We made our way to Wedge Beach where we were planning on camping for the night.  The drive took us along several beaches and sand dunes.. not sure the car was supposed to be driven on a beach as the body sat very low and we managed to get ourselves stuck on high soft sand and after 20 minutes of digging ourselves out we had to end up getting towed!  Shortly after we decided to find somewhere to set up camp so we could get the tents set up and dinner on the go before dark set in.  We found a great wee spot just off the beach and settled there whilst firing up a traditional barbie.  After dinner we went out on a kangaroo sighting hunt.. armed with a couple of torches the 8 of us made our way through the dunes.  Needless to say we didn't see any kangaroos, but it, at the least, was a nice walk after our feast! Laurent made us all feel at ease as he told us a horror story about a previous camping trip involving an unwanted guest in the middle of the night.  So we all slept really well (not).. especially when we heard the humming of at least engines passing in the middle of the night (two of them stopping outside the tents).  Anyway.. there were no attacks by ragged, toothless maniacs so it's all good.

The next day we went for a rocky 4x wheel drive around the beaches (I had a shot.. and it was very like Fraser Island.. only much more luxurious) and made our way to the Pinnacles.. beautiful rock formations about an hour further south.  We made our way back that afternoon and as everyone was knackered I volunteered to drive.. not the best idea.. got my first EVER speeding ticket.. they whacked me with a hefty fine.  I knew it was all over as soon as I saw the blue flashing light.. bandits.

Photos / videos of "4x4 Camping Trip":

Nick the navagator Wedge Island Julie and Laurent in front Cathyrn and I Wedge Island Testing the water Our 4x4's The narrow path Yes yes.. Chris got us stuck! ... Even with everyone pushing, (I did as soon as I took this pic), the back tires being dug out and grips put behind them.. it still didn't shift! Kite Surfers Nick and Julie getting stuck in Julie Chris.. smiling once we finally get towed out On our way again Campsite (that we later found out was illegal.. apparently you're not allowed to camp over-night on the Island.. protected Nature Reserve.. oops) Julie Chris and Nick Laurent & Cathryn Midnight Kangaroo spotting Nick doing what he does best everyone and again All of us on Wedge Island at night Julie doing her Kangaroo impression Nick and Cat Nicholas Wedge Island again... Slight slope Julie at the wheel Wedge Island Taking some time out to stretch our legs (it was a seriously bumpy ride) Wild Kangaroos!!! and again... gutted I didn't get the mid-hop shot The Pinnacles (ancient rock formations) The Pinnacles and again Landscape The Pinnacles The Pinnacles Me perched at the Pinnacles Cat A FLAMMIN GALA!! Chris, Nick and Cat Gala close up Wedge