Perth, Australia
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Oct 11, 2007 03:33
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Western Austrayyylia

I'm here.. can't believe this is my last stop in Oz before I embark on my exploration of South East Asia! 

Flight was delayed a bit.. but considering that's the first time it's happened on my trip so far it wasn't too bad!  I arrived in the early evening and jumped on a bus out to Nicholas and Cathryn's place in South Perth.  They met me half-way in the city centre and we headed back to theirs.  They have a lovely place near the waterfront.. it's lovely here!  They have lots of 'barbies', beach days and general sightseeing planned which i'm looking forward to! 

Update.... First day was fab... we went to the driving range and then headed to the beach for a bit of sun.. turns out so had the rest of Western Australia.  After the beach we made our way back to Nick and Cathryn's for a 'barbie' .. Steve, Nick's friend came round and the four of us enjoyed Nick's culinary skills.. they were great.. but i'm sure he's had enough practice since being out here!  After dinner we went to watch the Scotland v Ukraine game that Nick had bought us tickets for at the nearby pub.  The atmosphere was brilliant (full of Scots) and they won 3-1.. superb!!!

The next day we went for a round of golf which was lovely.. nothing like a game in the sun!  We visited a nearby winery as well.. and spent the afternoon laying in the sunshine on the grass surrounding the vineyard sipping their wine.. it was fab.  Next was a chocolate factory down the road.. no need to mention the chocolate was to die.  The place was a bit manic though.. what with all the adults smashed on wine and all the kids high on chocolate.. you can imagine.

Update..... I got a job!!! Well.. only for a couple of days.. but a job none the less! I'm working for a motorcycle company in their warehouse.. it pays a pretty penny which is all i'm interested in!  Just back from my first day and i'm heading to a barbeque with Nicholas.. one of his friend's has a house on the beach!

Update.... Barbeque was lovely... met lots of Nic and Cat's friends and they're great.. and all Scottish I may add! I bowed out fairly early and headed back to get some kip before my early rise.   Friday night we all chilled out in prep for our weekend away camping down south. 

I started back at work the following day.  We have been taking it easy this week.. recovering from the weekend and preparing ourselves for the weekend ahead.. Catherine is throwing a party on Thursday for all her friend's so i'm helping her out with that and they're having a get together on Saturday too.  Also it's Nicholas's birthday on Sunday so they're having a barbie.  It's all go go go.. pair of social bunnies they are.  I have been dabbling in my culinary skills when possible (mum.. you'd be proud). 

....... Update ........ A while ago I applied for a teaching program in Vietnam and found out today that i've been successful and have a place at a school! I am so excited and cannot wait to go.  It's a 2 week program teaching English in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Min next year.  This is definitely going to be the highlight of my trip.. I am so happy!!!!!!!

Update........ I had a rather strange experience today when myself and the girls from work were waiting for the bus.. two guys on a dirt-bike drove past and tried to grab one of their bags..  thankfully it was too heavy and the strap broke.. they then sped off.  The police were called and we are having to give statements.. we may also have go to a line-up as they were involved in a police chase shortly after and they think they've caught them.  All very weird and surreal.. and even though I was watching them I never saw it coming.  Given me a wake-up call r.e. my personal security that's for sure.

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Perth City from South Perth South Perth.. just outside Nick and Cat's place The Zoo across the road from theirs South Perth Again The park next to the Zoo The pub 'doon the road' The Main Street The view of the water-front from South Perth Nick and Cat's place The water-front at the Red Bull Air Race South Perth The pool at the apartment Red Bull Air Race again Red Bull Air Race Red Bull Air Race Air Race Air Race The water-front was packed Air Race The planes were doing some amazing dives Red Bull Air Race View of Perth City at night Nick and Cat on their balcony before they went out for dinner in Kings Park and again Perth Perth City Centre City Centre City Centre Amazing little allyway in the town centre.. stuck in the Medieval times and again... Nicholas and Cathryn on the Beach The beach (you can't see the helicopter on shark patol) Beach The balcony where many a barbie were had (and Steve) Nick in his usual position Scotland game True Scottish Pub Scotland Game Scotland scores! Cat, Nick and I and again (about 3 mintues later)! Me in me Scotland v Argentina top a la 1978 from Raymondo More celelbrations Wee game of golf Cathryn, Dany and Nick on the 10th tee Golf Course Danny, Nick and Cat Me, Nick and Cat Swan Valley Winery Winery again.. Me and Cat sampling the delicious wine Vineyard barbeque Vineyard Me Chocolate Factory..... yum again mmmmmn mmmmm mmmmmm