Airlie Beach, Australia
20° 9' S 148° 41' E
Oct 08, 2007 03:14
Distance 78km

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Back to Airlie

Joelle, Alison, James, Tom and I all crashed out at Koala's when we got back from the trip.  We took some time so chill out and clean ourselves up before making our way to the party the staff were throwing for us that evening.  I wish I could say that I managed to stay up all night.. but I couldn't hack the pace and threw in the towel before all the young kids (hanging out with 19 years olds will do this to you!)

It was still a great night and we had a laugh before heading to the party with the Canadian girls showing us how to play waterfall!

That's it for me and the East Coast of Australia.  I make my way up to Cairns tomorrow, arrive early hours and catch my flight to Sydney at 5am.  One night there before it's Perth for a week.. or who knows! 

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Alison, tom, Joelle and James Tom and Joelle James and Tom singing their national anthem Alison and Tom Alison and I