Whitsunday Islands, Australia
20° 45' S 148° 18' E
Oct 05, 2007 02:20
Distance 676km

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Pride Of Airlie Sailing Trip

Tom and James booked the same trip as me to the Whitsunday Islands so we all hopped on the night bus from Hervey Bay to Airlie Beach. When we arrived it seemed even hotter than Hervey Bay (if possible) we got to our less than clean room (doesn't faze me anymore!) and didn't hang about too long before heading to the lagoon to cool down. We met up with Joelle and Alison, two girls that also did the Fraser Island tour with us and we all spent the afternoon by the lagoon. That night we met up for dinner and played a few games of pool before I crashed out.. I was knackered as I hardly slept on the bus. The next morning.. bright and breezy we were all up getting ready for our 3 days sailing trip.. bring it on!!!!!

We got our briefing in the early afternoon and were offered the chance to hire stinger suits (stinger season had just started. I was reluctant to fork out yet more money for something, however when I heard they can kill you.. I decided.. what's $15 eh! So we all collected our attractive full body suits before making our way down to the Harbor where the 'Pride of Airlie' boat was due to pick us up.

We finally boarded the 63ft long boat.. which held 43 of us. I was worried that it might be a bit cramped but there was more than enough space. The staff were great.. Maxie, Trent and Simon (the Skipper), they made sure everyone was well looked after and even chilled our beer for us! It took 2 hours for us to get to South Mole Island where we were staying for 2 nights whilst on the trip. We got to our room and dumped our gear.. a few fists flew for the shower.. it was so so so hot on that boat. We cleaned ourselves up and headed along to the bar to meet up with all the rest of the troups. I met a great girl called Danny who is traveling the world for 4 years and pretty much just winging it.. she only came away with 600 squid in her sky rocket and is just working for accomodation blagging the rest! Couldn't believe it.. that's a girl who has balls.. I had a great few hours talking to her. She was there with her folks who were out visitng her.. they were a great laugh too and we all hung out that night. The staff tried their bestto make sure everyone was having fun and kept the pitchers of beer flowing..... The main age group was around 19-21 so you can imagine I felt slightly out of place.. especially when everyone started swopping clothes and poll dancing.. but I tried my best to join in on the fun! (gran.. I didn't poll dance.. just so you know!)

The next day was an early rise with breakfast at 6:30. I awoke to two very large hairy feet staring me in the face. I looked up to find a strange man in the room who'd (we later found out) claimed to Joelle that he's missed his boat that day and had nowhere to stay. She fell for it and he was so grateful for our hostpitality that he pee'd all over the floor. Eeewwwww! So lucky I noticed it before I stood in it.. Danny.. not so lucky! That morning the boat left at 7:30 and we made our way out to White Haven Beach. The sail was bliss.. clear blue skies with a light breeze. We made it there after a couple of hours. Trent took our gear over in a boat and we swam over to cool off. We spent 3 or so hours on the beautiful beach and snorkeled too. There were two turtles under our boat but I didn't manage to get a picture (again!). It was a glorious day. Later that afternoon we made our way back to the boat and set off back to South Mole Island. That day was the hottest by far and most people got burnt.. I wasn't too bad as my skin is used to the sun by now but I still got a little red. Tom, however, resembled a severly spanked rear end (front and back!). Poor soul was feeling it. We decided we needed a swim in the resorts pool (we were quite far away from it so only used it once). Most people from the boat spent a good hour winding down before dinner that night (the food I have to say was great). That night was another great night.. we had such a laugh.. but it wasn't as late as the previous night as most people were feeling the effects of the sun that day.

We all slept soundly that night and were up early for our day of snorkeling and then heading back to Airlie Beach. I swear that day was hotter than the previous.. I felt like I was on a frying pan and couldn't slap enough suntan lotion on. The snorkeling was great but the water wasn't the clearest so it was kard when I was taking pictures.. plus the fish were just too darn fast. There were thousands of tiny green jellyfish in the water.. funny looking things but completely harmless.. they were so small I doubt you'd even feel it if they could sting (they were about the size of peas). There were also some gorgeous (and seriously large) fish. We carried on our journey back to Airlie Beach. The journey was about 3-4 hours so we stopped for a bit of 'jumping off the boat action in the meantine'.. that was nice!

And soon enough... we arrived back. It was such a fantastic trip.. loved every minute.

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Airlie Beach again Lagoon at Airlie Beach Joelle and Alison eating Ice cream Joelle and Tom Alison, Joelle and I Joelle and Alison on the boat James and Tom on the boat Me, Joelle and Alison One of the staff doing a beer bong Joelle braving it South Mole Island (where we stayed) Tom and Alison Alison, Joelle and I Lewis and Amanda (Danny's parents) The view from the bar Danny, Me and Joelle The bar Danny and I The bar Tom, Alison and James Danny, Me and Joelle Danny and Joelle Joelle and a few Irish girls Tom and two Danish guys that did our camping trip too Danny and a German girl Danny and the Danish boys Tom and Maxie The German girls The Pride of Airlie The crystal water White Haven Beach Tom, Danny and James chilling on the beach White Haven Beach Lapping up the sun Trent trying to summon an eagle White Haven The boat Sails are up Trent teaching Lewis the Digeridoo again Tom, Me, Joelle, James and Alison on South Mole Island Alison, Me, Danny and Joelle before we went out again Joelle, the Danish guys and James Again (minus James) Al, Tom, Danny and me Group again Lewis and Tom Parrots (joined us every morning fro breakfast) again They liked Joelle's hair or maybe just her! relaxing on the boat again Joelle and I jumping off the boat Joelle about to get eaten alive Me Joelle and I taking the plunge! Joe and I James.. nutter Everyone from the Pride of Airlie!