Brisbane, Australia
27° 30' S 153° 0' E
Sep 28, 2007 05:38
Distance 141km

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Yet another Greyhound bus journey..  rickety, non airconditioned smog with falling apart seats to add to the list.. but hey.. it's all part of the fun I guess!  Wouldn't be the same if I was traveling in the lap of luxury now would it!

Brisbane.. oh so very very hot.  I arrived and made my way into town to see a few sites before meeting Nic later that day.  Brisbane is lovely.. the city's very vibrant and has a great feel about it.. I find it very like Melbourne  People seemed to be drawn towards me.. have a feeling the rucksack had something to do with it.. so many passers by asked where I was going and where I was coming from.  I was having walking conversations going down the street.. very bizarre!  I found a cafe and chilled out there before meeting Nic.. had a rest from my rucksack carrying and read my book (the little things)

Nic met me in the city when she's finished work (in a fire station none the less!) and we headed up to her flat that she shares with her boyfriend Chris.  He works in Engineering.. and Chris's company are paying for their accommodation for a month.. a lovely place in the city centre.  They're not looking forward to having to move out and may rent!  Anyway.. it was great to see her and we spent a good few hours catching up.   Chris soon arrived with his work-mate Arran.. it was a full Scottish house that evening.  We had a great night chewing the cud.  It was a welcome break from the hostels!

It was very much a fly-by visit to Brisbane though as the next morning I was up and packing to set off to Noosa!

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