Byron Bay, Australia
28° 38' S 153° 37' E
Sep 25, 2007 11:25
Distance 626km

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Sunshine is here!!

Byron Bay.. they told me it was beautiful.. perfect word.  I arrived early on Tuesday morning after an overnight bus journey from Sydney (I should be used to these by now).   They had a rep from the hostel to meet me at the bus-stop.. he's been here a while you could tell.. Australian tan and bleach blonde surfer hair, standing at the bus stop with a surf board balancing on his shoulder.. too funny.  I got to the hostel, which is surprisingly nice! It has a pool (which IS clean.. who would have thought!).  I'm sharing room, also clean (they're on a roll) with two lovely girls that I get on with really well.  I was knackered when I arrived but it had been so long since i'd been on a beach (ok well not that long.. but it feels long to me!) that I thought better sleep it off on the sand than in my room.  I wasted no time and dusted off my bikini and headed on the 5 minute walk to the softest beach in the World.  Ahhhhh.. that's better!  After sleeping my bus journey off I took time to stroll round Byron Bay.. which I have to say is the most chilled out hippy town I have every been in (more than the Caribbean i'd say.. and that's saying something!)  Every second shop does massage and yoga, there are spiritual programs, herbal shops and every book shop you go to has philosophy and meditation in the front rows!  

The next morning I went Whale watching.  The best time to spot them is in the morning so we set off at 6:30.  We got briefed on what we would probably see and all about the whales migration patterns etc.  I couldn't believe it when I saw a Humpback Whale!!!! It was pretty far away but you could clearly see it.   The guides didn't want to give us our cameras (they were in a protective waterproof case) because they said we were to 'enjoy it first and take photos later' so I couldn't take any snaps when a 15 meter Humpback Whale came right up to the boat and breached!!! It was so cool.  Two Blue Nose Dolphins then came up to the boat and were playing around us.. I also spotted a Sea Turtle.  For the next few hours we kept spotting dozens of whales around us, but we weren't aloud to get too close.  Apparently they don't have very much energy as they use a lot of it for migrating south and they would use a lot of energy breaching out of the water to see what we were and if we were a threat (it's mating season too!), however if they decided to come to us it was ok.  Unfortunately 4 to 5 male whales were trying to get in the knickers of the female so weren't fussed about us, this did mean, although, that they all had to show their strength and were jumping out of the water and slapping their huge fins on the sea surface (they're about 5 meters in length).  It was amazing.. especially to see these animals in their natural habitat and not in 'Sea World'.  So the only pics i've got are far away but you can still make them out.  I can't wait to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.. the water here is so clear.   After my early rise I soaked up some rays then went out for a run in the afternoon.   


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The Sunrise Me trying to capture the beautiful sunrise.. best shot I could get.. all the rest were a blur A little later Byron Bay and again... ... Humpback Whale! Whale breaching A whale raising it's fin Whale breaching All the males competing for the female The splash from a whale that has just breached The rock they are found by Our boat Humpback whale Byron Bay from the boat [image]