Sydney, Australia
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Sep 18, 2007 04:21
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Back to Sydney

After a brilliant time in Melbourne.. I headed back with a slightly fuzzy head to Sydney. I arrived at 8pm last night and slept extremely well I can tell you. It's a beautiful day today so looking forward to getting out there.. possibly heading to Bondi Beach!


I have spent the past few days tying loose ends up.. organising my trip up the East Coast, sending packages back home and site-seeing with the Mel and Karen. It's been great to see them again.. I will definitely be sad to leave on Monday. BUT I am going up the coast for sunshine, snorkeling and lots of other lovely things so I can't be too sad! The pennies are slipping through my fingers all too fast for my liking.. it's so expensive here. I am already looking forward to Asia where I know my money will go a lot further!

Today the girls and I went to Bondi Beach.. well we went to Coogee and walked along to Bondi.. took us about 2 hours.. it was lovely to get the fresh air.. even if my hair did end up looking like a brillo pad (just a tad windy!) We stopped for some fuel before heading back around 6. The beaches here are amazing.. gorgoues deep blue water with bright white sands.. I would have braved it and jumped in if it hadn't been cold enough to freeze me solid mid-run. Yes.. definitely looking forward to warmer climates up the coast.

I managed to complete the Sydney Bridge Run this morning. I had my doubt what with my dodgy ankle and my severe lack of training for it.. due to .. the dodgy ankle. I don't know my time justyet.. but I know it's nothing spectacular.. but hey.. i'm glad I did it! It was a beautiful day.. early enough for there to be a cool breeze but there wasn't a cloud in the sky! 

Going to Govinda's with Karen and Mel tonight.. an, apparently, famous cinema that serve an all you can eat Indian Buffet then let you lounge on couches after you meal watching a film.. sounds good to me!

Update.. Went to Govinda's last night.  It was amazing.. delicious food and then lovely soft sofas for us to lye on covered in cushions while we watech 'Evening'.. lovely last night in Sydney! 

Photos / videos of "Back to Sydney":

Band at Wake Up Hostel Random chap in the way of my picture Band Mel and Karen again... Mel, Karen and Me Lady Lux (Vicki's bro Stuart's club in Sydney) again... ... Mel and Karen again... Me and Mel Me and Karen Karen Karen and Mel Karen and I Outside Carbon Me and Karen Karen and Mel Kaz Mel Me and Karen Mel and Karen (they're in there somewhere) Me, Mel and Karen Me and Mel with some guy who jumped in the picture at the last minute.. no idea who he is Me and Kaz again.. don't ask Kaz and Mel Carbon Coogee Coogee Beach Karen and I Me and Mel Me and Mel Outdoor pool in Coogee Beach Coogee Beach Beautiful Australian sea and cliffs Moored boats Shore and again... Can you see the rainbow? Tamarama Beach Tamarama Surfers in the water (look closely) Surfers on Tamarama View of Bondi and again... Waves in Bondi Bondi Beach and again... Before the Sydney Marathon/Half Marathon/Bridge Run Thousands entered Everyone under the bridge After the run and again...