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Sep 14, 2007 03:11
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Neighbours Country

I arrived in Melbourne around 8am after a lengthy bus journey overnight. I was greeted by a group of people from nearby hostels due to pick up guests. I wasn't due to stay at any of the ones they worked at but they offered me a lift anyway.. nice of them! I arrived at the hostel/building site I was booked into eventually managed to find a member of staff through the rubble who was ready to check me in when I told them I woudn't be staying. Ended up going to one of the other hostels in St Kilda.

The hostel is more of a bar/club with spare rooms upstairs but has the essesntials. St Kilda is just on the out-skirts of Melbourne City Centre which is just a tram ride away. It's a lovely wee place and i've already met a fair few travelers. I'm sharing a room with two nice Irish girls who are looking for work here.

My first day I spent checking out St Kilda, which is on the beach (not bikini weather though I might add). I had a chilled out night as I was pretty knackered from my bus journey.

The next day I ventured into town and checked out Chinatown, the main shopping areas and galleries. It's a lovely city, really beautiful builings and lots of hidden alley-ways. That (unlike Glasgow) don't contain drunks and rubbish bins but lots of cafes, restaurants and shops! So far Melbourne is getting a better rating than Sydney!

Yesterday was Neighbours day. I advise those of you not interested in this to skip it! I went on the 'official' tour that took us to Ramsay St (I know it's wrong but I was excited) it was so funny being there.. the poor people that actually live there and have to put up with people touring the street 2-3 times a day.. couldn't pay me enough! After a lot of photo taking we headed to Erinsborough High School (really Blackburn College.. the tour guide just ran out quickly and put the prop on). Then we went to the studios and saw Carpenters Garage and Grease Monkeys. After that we went back to St Kilda where we had a 'meet & greet' with Janine.. can't remember her real name. She was lovely and very obliging.. again.. would be so sick of it if I was her! After a quick shower I met up with Jo, who i'd met on the tour that day, to head to the 'Neighbours night' I'll be honest I wasn't sure what to expect and bearing in mind that I had to get up to catch my bus back to Sydney at 5am I wasn't planning on a big night. It turned out to be a great laugh. Dr Karl Kennedy was there, Janine and Connor (I can't remember any of their real names) oh and there was a new guy too but I haven't seen him yet so no idea who he is! They did an question and answer stint which was hilarious, then they came round to all the tables for pictures and to sign autographs.. they were all lovely. Connor admitted he's going out with the girl who played Michelle in real life.. we only noticed her hiding at the back half way through the night. Jo's shreak alerted her to being spotted and she made a run for it. Then Karl's band played and they were great.. brilliant entertainers. I caved in around midnight and headed back.. not the best bus journey as you can imagine.

Photos / videos of "Neighbours Country":

Acland St, St Kilda again Melbourne City Centre The tram Melbourne One of the oldest roller coasters in the world.. built in 1902 (or something like that) it's wooden.. I was advised not to go on it! The Theatre Horse and carriage in Melbourne Federation Square and again Markings on the ground The Pixar Studios Drawings from the Incredibles From the Pixar film Cars Melbourne Central Station Pixar Studios My Hostel Me at Erinsborough High The School Our tour bus Lous Garage Grease Monkeys Me outside Grease Monkeys The bus stop Max's Hoose Lou's House Ramsay St (Never understood that cos it's more of a cul-de-sac) Harold's!! Kennedy's Toady's Me outside Harold's Ramsay St (with tour bus) Me outside the Scully's Me outside the Kennedy's Raaaammmmuuuuueeey Struuyt! Ramsay St and turn right ahead (am I going a little far?) and left (yes I think so) Ramsay St Me and Janine Jo and her friend's Jo and I Jo's friend's and me Connor Janine Connor, Janine and a new chap Dr Karl!! Karl Connor, Karl, Janine and new chap (someone just asked him why didn't his mother call them back) Host Connor New chap Karl.. singing happy birthday to a girl from the crowd Bouncer with Safari Pete (v.funny man) Jo's friend and bouncer Ehh... me and some bloke dressed as a giant yellow lab.. sorry .. Bouncer Me and Janine Safari Pete getting people to enter contests Karl (the two people in the background, complete strangers I might add, had to snog to win a prize.. kids these days!!) Safari taking the pee out of one of Jo's friends another of Jo's friends Dr Karl Me and Karl The 'Dance off' so glad I wasn't picked again... (this guy didn't even win) next contestant then it was Iceland's turn the chap on the left won.. who.. how.. .why? Jo and her pal again.. Jo's friends (is it obvious now that I can't remember anyone's name from that night?) Jo and her pals ... ... Couldn't resist uploading this picture.. he didn't pose for this I just happened to snap it Me and Connor Jo's friends again Me, Jo and her pal All of us! Connor and his bird Michelle (see right blondie sunk in her chair) Karl on stage again... again... Jo and her friend's Me, Jo and her friend Karl's fans Jo