Sydney, Australia
33° 53' S 151° 12' E
Sep 11, 2007 03:03
Distance 1986km

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Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Well i'm here!! Arrived in Sydney last night and made it to me hostel in one piece which is so central it's brilliant! I am about 20 minutes walk from the Opera House. It's glorious weather which apparently it hasn't been for the past few weeks so fingers crossed it'll hold out for me! Didn't waste any time and booked my trip to Melbourne for a few days.. leaving tomorrow.. although i'll be back in a few days to explore Sydney to it's fullest! I went for some dinner in China Town which was lovely and not too expensive. Up bright and breezy today.. about to head off and do some sight-seeing! (My hostel has a pool on the roof.. what!??!)

I have met a couple of really nice English girls, Karen and Mel, i'm sharing a room with Karen.  We went to an auction held by a chap named Safari Pete, he cornered me in the hostel lobby.. hilarious guy.. he had persuaded me to come along that evening whilst sticking his head through the lift doors.  Karen was wanting to bid on a trip which she got.. .. the free wine helped i'm sure.  We had an early night as we planned to go on a trip to Manly on the ferry the following day. 

.... Update.. just came back from the trip..  It was a gorgeous day.. perfect for the trip!    Got great views of the Opera House and the bridge.. and we went for a walk along the beach.  Off to Melbourne tomorrow!

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Chinatown Pitt Street Mall again.. A lovely old mall Sydney Harbor View from my hostel at night again... Beautiful building in Sydney The Harbor from the ferry Sydney Harbor Bridge The fun fair Sydney and the bridge from afar Mel and Karen Manly Manly centre Palm tree Manly centre again The beach at Manly Mel and Karen on the beach Manly beach again Manly A secluded beach in Manly Sydney skyline by sunset Sydney Harbor bridge by sunset Me and the view Sydney Harbor Bridge Sydney Opera House by sunset Opera House again Me in front of the Opera House