Greymouth, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
42° 28' S 171° 11' E
Sep 08, 2007 10:18
Distance 133km

Text written in: English


The journey to Greymouth was rather different.  The driver took us to the Bushmans Centre.  A horrible place that no vegetarian should go to, and if you weren't veggie to start with there's a good chance you would be after a visit to this joint.  It prided itself in killing and eating Possums.  There were Possum skins EVERYWHERE.. even as seat covers.. I couldnt sit down.  They had Possum Pies and Burgers (to name but a few things on the menu).  I settled for a cheese and tomato sarnie but I was struggling with that so I headed outside so I wasnt being stared in the face by a stuffed Possum with every bite.  Billy Connolly had been there on his World tour and there were pictures up of him.  There was also a letter from an animal rights activist who (you could tell) took great joy in telling him what he thought about his business (aka road kill cafe).  You will see from the pictures some of the random things they had in their shop and messages on the window.  It was so strange.. could not get me outa there fast enough!

As for Greymouth.. It was supposed to be a hot-spot for travelers or so I was told. It is a quaint wee place but not a lot to do. The hostel I stayed in was lovely.. very cosy and homely. I went Black-Water Rafting while I was there.. which involved treking into a cave for about 40 minutes with a torch light strapped to your helmet to see the way. It was freeeeezing but they supplied us with a wet-suit a thermals so it could have been worse! Once inside the cave we floated along in big rubber tubes .. turning out lights out to see the gloworms on the roof of the cave. Was good to try it but definitely prefer White-Water Rafting! I made use of my spare time by going for a run.. my ankle didnt feel too great after it and I had to stick some ice on it (need to be careful for my run in Sydney!). Chilled out on my last night and left on the Tranz Senic train back to Christchurch the next day... Australia here I come!

Photos / videos of "Greymouth":

En route to Greymouth The extremely weird and terrifying Bushmans Centre (aka roadkill cafe) Trom the outside Bushmans Centre Deer The bizzare adverts they had Menu.. whet?! ewwww Their way of detering shop-lifters The only bridge in the world that is used by both cars and trains The train from Greymouth to Christchurch again The view en route ... The Alps ...