Wanaka, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
44° 42' S 169° 8' E
Sep 03, 2007 01:19
Distance 54km

Text written in: English

Mini Queenstown

After getting over my skydive the day before I headed to Wanaka on the 8:30 am bus. Arrived with a 2 mile walk ahead of me.. not so bad.. good wee bit of exercise (although i'm sure my arms don't agree with all the bags I had). I arrived at the hostel ready to check in when I realised the reception was closed till 2pm.. this was around 10am. I settled into the lounge to read my book, as I had all my gear and nowhere to store it, when some folk staying at the hostel asked if I wanted to join them as they were on their was to the climbing wall.. brilliant!  They let me store my stuff in their room. However we got there any they were closed due to a take over... shame everyone was looking forward to it.. including me as it's always something i've wanted to get into. However not a day wasted as we headed to the local golf course and went to the driving range. Great release of energy.. and I wasnae half bed either!

That night we all watched a movie in the lounge and I headed off for an early night. Changing hostels in the morning as after tonight there are no female dorms left and the propect of sharing a 6ft by 6ft room with three boys is too much to handle.

I've arrived at my new hostel and it's lovely.. I settled in and read my book by the real log fire with a view to die for over Lake Wanaka.. definitely made the right decision! I took a walk around Wanaka and got a proper feel for the place then hiked up Mount Iron to get a good view form up high.  Got some wonderful views and pictures. 

Heading to Franz Joseph tomorrow .. hopefully going to climb a glacier!


Photos / videos of "Mini Queenstown":

Lake Wanaka The view from Mount Iron Wanaka from Mt Iron again and again... the mountain on my way back down and again The view from my hostel sitting room (that comes with real log fire!) beautiful and again The tranquil lake the harbour.. if you look closely you can see the cloud on the mountain Me I love this picture.. it's of Lake Wanaka as we're on our way to Franz Joesph again again and again ... Had to get one of me in there.. Mount Kahu and again... A famous Lord of the Rings scene was shot here (apparently) Route to Franz Joseph and again.. the crystal clear Hust River The Hust River Beautiful Wanaka The Salmon Farm The huge salmon Wanaka