Queenstown, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
45° 1' S 168° 40' E
Aug 28, 2007 00:53
Distance 358km

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Adrenalin Central

I arrived in Queenstown in Tuesday and was very excited about my forthcoming skydive that I'd booked online the night before! Unfortunately it decided to rain for the next two days straight so my dive was canceled 4 times. I decided to try the Canyon Swing that afternoon so as to not waste the entire day (I had to wait around to find out of my dive was canceled both in the morning and afternoon), but unfortunately it was fully booked. Bummer (although part of me was secretly relieved). The next day I went skiing.. was looking forward to it as i'd only been skiing once when I was about 8 and all I remember is going into a tree so I booked myself in for some lessons! I went with the girls that I had met in Fiji as they happened to be here at the same time as me. After taking a beginners lesson I found that I picked it up fairly quickly and was bumped up a few grades in the afternoon and before I knew it I was flying down the slopes (sometimes a lot faster than I would have liked). I absolutely loved it. The next day I went again and took a lesson in the morning.. this time our instructor took us down much steeper slopes and there were a few times (I wasn't alone) when I lost total control and went crashing down arms and legs everywhere. I have the bruises to prove it.. but it's all part of the fun I guess!

I met up with the Irish girls last night but I had the sensible head on and left early as I'm supposed to be doing my skydive today (the sun is still shining)!

update... !! Did my skydive this afternoon.. it was amazing!  Went for the full whammy and chose the 15000ft dive. with 60 seconds freefall.  So glad I did cos it felt like 10!  Got a dvd and photos of the whole thing.. which is pretty hilarious as my goggles were loose and nearly flew off letting in all the air so I could hardly see!  Falling out of the plane flipped my stomach it was the weirdest sensation but so so cool.. would definately do it again when Im earning millions as it cost me an arm and a leg!

Off to Wanaka tomorrow.. looking forward to it! 

Photos / videos of "Adrenalin Central":

En route to Q'town from Christchurch and again On the drive there again So beautiful! again The moon in Queenstown The lake in Queenstown Me and the girls (left to right - Fiona, Siobhan and Noreen) Us unwinding in Surreal after a long day again Dee and I The amazing view from the Remarkables Ski Slopes The slopes Noreen Me in ma get-up The view from the bus on the 'life flashing before your eyes' drive down Ice ponds on the mountain View again Amazing view of the Alps and again... ... Queenstown Queenstown from on the way down from remarkables The beautiful mountains Queenstown and again.. notice the mountains in the background The girls - Carla, Michelle, Siobhan, Noreen, Dee and Fi in the YHA Lakefront and again.. but with me Siobhan and Fi in Altitude Carla, Noreen and Dee Carla, Noreen and Dee Siobhan and Fi Noreen, Carla, Dee and Me Siobhan .. no idea what is going on here Noreen and Michelle Fi and I Fi, Me and Siobhan Fi, Michelle and Siobhan in Buffalo's Michelle and Carla Noreen and Siobhan in Winnie's Me and Siobhan in Winnie's Me 15000ft up in the air.. about to jump out a plane And i'm gone.. what a face The feeling's coming back ... That's me trying to smile/breath It was so wicked.. such an amazing view haha (you can see the camera guy in the reflection of the tandom bloke's sunglasses) Yep.. couldn't breath Awesome view Me with my goggles blowing off HAHA! Right before the parachute was pulled ... safe landing ... something is hilarious.. think it might be the fact that i'm still alive! final photo.. big smiles! Fi and I on the Remarkables slopes Fi, Noreen and I on the slopes