Waitomo Caves, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
38° 15' S 175° 6' E
Aug 19, 2007 21:29
Distance 98km

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Caves and the Gloworms

Today was beautiful so Lou, Stephen, Marissa and I headed out to Waitomo to visit the caves and see the gloworms.  We set off mid-day and it took around an hour to get there.  We first of all visited the Waitomo Caves which were amazing.. they'd been discovered by a chap called Aranui whilst he was out hunting a pig.. his dog ran up to the mouth of the cave and he only had a match to see is way around inside.  The caves are covered in stalactites which are limesale formations that are formed by crystalising water running down from the ceiling of the caves.  Everyday's a school day!  The gloworm caves were equally amazing.  Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pictures in there.. but I managed to snap one when I was going into the Aranui cave.  They have tenticle webs like spiders that hang down to catch their prey.. they glow like stars and it looked pretty awesome when we took a boat through the pitch black caves and it felt like you were under the stars. 

Photos / videos of "Caves and the Gloworms":

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