Nadi, Fiji
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Aug 04, 2007 22:05
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Coral Coast

Left Hawaii on the night of the 3rd of August and arrived in Fiji on Sunday the 5th.. lost a day there which was a bit weird!  The flight was fine... luckily got the whole row to myself so snoozed for most of it.  Caught a couple of buses to my resort.. Mango Bay, which is lovely.  Right on a beautiful beach and they have a pool too.  I met 4 lovely Irish girls (Dee, Michelle, Siobhan and Fiona) who checked in not long after me and I've been spending a fair bit of time with them for the past few days which has been great. 

The five of us haven't been straining ourselves too much spending most of our time lounging in the sun.  They're also off to New Zealand after this so we're all lapping up the sunshine before is drops about 50 degrees!  Out first couple of days were spent on the beach - sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear water.  Last night we all had a few drinks at the bar.. happy hour was at 6:30 not that they're very happy here.. you only get $1 off the drinks.. that's about 30p!  We then went to watch an 'International Crab Race' .. everyone bought crabs through bidding .. I tried to buy Scotland but a bunch of English folk kept out-bidding me.. I gave up at $20.  (It didn't win anyway).

There's a chap who works here who is the spit of Tiger Woods, so we have been calling him that only to find out he has no idea who that is.  Yesterday Fiona, Siobhan and I went kayaking in the sea which was fun.. then we went to a Fijian cooking class which was good.. the food was delicious!  We had Wahoo (a local white fish that had just been caught) marinated in lime juice and then mixed with freshly made coconut milk and finely chopped chillies, tomatoes and onions.. so yummy.. Going to remember that recipe for when I come home.  We then had a couple of bottles of wine whilst competing in a pool competition.. I played appallingly and so was booted out fairly soon.. some of the girls played really well though!  It turned out to be quite a late night last night so feeling it a bit this morning.  A tropical rain storm started last night, and it hasn't stopped since.. don't think much sunbathing will be going on today!  I would go swimming but I have a cut on my leg from a coral when I was snorkeling which has got infected slightly and I don't think sea water does it any favours. 

Well that night we more than made up for our boring day.. many drinking games and pool competitions were played and lots of fun was had.. met loads of folk.. however did feel a  bit worse for it the following day! The next day though the sun re-appeared thankfully!  Fiona and I played pool volleyball which we were hilariously bad at.. but we gave it our best shot. 

Our last night day/night in Fiji was really good.  the girls and I soaked some up before joining a jewelry making class.  We ventured off to find our own coconuts and brought them back, shelled them, peeled them, scrubbed them, sanded them, washed them and finally cut them to make chunky bangles!  They would have been great if we'd got coconuts a bit smaller.. they're all falling off our wrists but look pretty good!  We then were entered into an egg throwing competition where you had to throw your egg to your partner and with each successful throw both take a step back.. you can imagine the carnage if you didn't catch it properly.. and yes.. that happened to me.. all over my pins.. yuk.  That afternoon/early evening we all went on a sunset cruise which was lovely.. drank wine and watched the sun go down.  The boat was fairly small so there were only a handful of us on there.  Dee had her bad ankle that she couldn't get wet so had to get Tiger Woods to swoop her up and carry her onto the boat.. think he enjoyed that!  We then came back and enjoyed a few drinks in the bar.. met a hilarious gay scouser called Alan who entertained us for most of the evening.  I then caved and had an early night.. the thought of traveling hungover is too much for me!

We all packed up our gear.. settled up our bills and left Mango Bay to go and spend a night near the airport to make it to our early fight the next morning.  had a lovely dinner at the hotel and met some people that Dee and Michelle had been traveling with in South America.  Great time in Fiji.. bring on New Zealand!!

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