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Jul 20, 2007 03:33
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The Getty Museum

Today Manch and I headed to my hostel and picked up my stuff... I checked out early as Manch is not only being good enough to drop me at the bus station tomorrow but is also putting me up for the night.. that girl is such a star.  Jason is in NY for a script reading so there's a little extra room. After getting all my gear we headed to the Getty Museum which was amazing. Not only one of the most architecturally stunning buildings I have ever seen but it contained facinating pieces of original art, some ranging from 470 B.C. Marianna had been dying to show it to me as it houses some of her favourite paintings.

We're not long back and Manch is currently crashed out on her bed, so i'm taking this opportunity to up-date the old blog! 

Photos / videos of "The Getty Museum":

The front of the Museum Manch outside the museum View of LA from the Museum And again.. this time Manch's apartments in there somewhere Some of the artwork inside the Museum and again... ... again... Old books.. some of these range from the 400 BC Me More samples of the old books.. some written in Latin.  Apparently if one mistake was made, the whole book had to be re-written and again... Beautiful sculpture Outside the Museum Over looking the cafe