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Jul 26, 2007 07:22
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The Grand Canyon

I arrived here after a bus journey that wasn't too bad compared to previous ones!  Had a bit of trouble getting to the hostel though.. there are no buses that run here and taxi's wouldn't take me as it was too close (2 miles) I wasn't going to walk it on my own in the dark.. eventually a lovely chap from a hotel I stopped by helped me out and got me a taxi.

The hostel is brilliant.. 1. I have a room to myself 2. It's air conditioned 3. It has an en-suite bathroom 4. It has a pool (& Jacuzzi - sp?) and all this for..... wait for it..... 9 squid a night.. that's right.. 9 squid.. a friggin steal!! Shame i'm only here 2 nights! Off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.. can't wait!

Grand Canyon was amazing!  We headed off at a bright and breezy 7 am.. fine for me but not so much for the other people who had been out till 5am drinking.. I felt for them.  It took us 3 hours to get there.. I was the only one awake for most of the journey out of a bus full of 9 people.  We passed over the Hoover Damn and made our way up to the West Rim of the Canyon.  Our first stop was Eagle Point.. a rock formation that looked like an eagle with it's wings spread.  Apparently it's a sacred land-mark as it's meant to watch over the Canyon.  There were some native Indian dancers there and tipis.. pretty cool.  Next we headed to Guano where the real sights were.. it was truly breathtaking and well worth the $100 dollars it ended up coming to.  There were no barriers anywhere so you just had to be extra careful.. I wanted to get great pictures but had to draw the line as to how far to the edge i'd go.. I felt a bit queasy and gravity pulling me down.. totally freaked out.  I asked our guide (Brian) if anyone had ever fallen off and he told us of this gold-digging woman who married a man 3 times her age.. apparently she was a horrible piece of work and went to the Canyon with her husband.  He was taking a picture of her at the edge when she backed-up too many steps and went over! The story made me feel sick but I think Brian was going for the comical angle.  Which I could kind of see once I stopped feeling sick.

We had lunch there and then walked up to a spectacular peak that gave us 300 degree views of the Canyon and Lake Mead.  We then came back to the Hoover Damn and parked up so we could all walk across it.  It was amazing.. but a bit of a reality check at the same time as the water levels were lower than they have ever been.. you'll see from the pictures.. our tour guide was telling us this was mainly due to global warming but also to Las Vegas residents/tourists that used far too much water.  In the that morning the water had lowered by half a foot.. a huge amount if you think about the size of the river. 

It was a brilliant day.. was glad to be home when we parked up at 6pm.. just spent the evening sorting all my travel arrangements for the next few days.. it's going to be hectic!

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