Tijuana, Mexico
32° 31' N 117° 1' W
Jul 22, 2007 16:03
Distance 25km

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Last night a bunch of us from the hostel went to Tijuana for a night out.. was a great laugh! We first of all visited a bar right at the border which was dirty and full of corona & tequila (by the way the corona only cost $1.. don't you just love that). After there we headed to a really loud club/restaurant for dinner and I had real mexican fajitas.. which weren't as good as the ones from home!! Then we went to a liquor store.. where they let us try all these tequilas and other spirits.. I think it was called a mojo.. it was 91% .. yes.. you did read right.. I thought i'd picked up a cup of paint stripper by accident. Never doing that again. After there.. we headed back to the restaurant where there was a mechanical bull.. when in rome.. I managed to hold on the entire time! We then all headed back across the border to the hostel.. where the party carried on but I caved in and went to bed. Met 2 girls and 3 guys from Glasgow on the trip.. all from the west end area.. how random.. some of them know my friends.. small small world!