San Diego, United States
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Jul 20, 2007 20:09
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Further South...

After a very rushed packing fiasco, Manch dropped me at the bus station and I headed for San Diego.  I arrived after a surprisingly comfortable Greyhound journey.. where they even showed a film (a bit luxurious I thought)!  The hostel i'm staying in is great.  Really central and the girls i'm sharing with are nice!  2 of them, Amy and Chantelle, took me out on my first night to a tequila bar and then to a place called 'Star' which was a very rustic, cheap place but great atmosphere!  We came back to the hostel and had a drink the in the 'in hostel' bar which is this really dinky cool place - basically a guy sitting at a make-shift bar (that moves when you sit at it) beside a fridge filled with beer.. great.  They were even doing beer bongs (of which I opted out), but one lady (very much larger than life African lady) did drag me into the middle of the floor for a dance-off which was interesting.. I won of course! 

I got up this morning to take advantage of the free pancakes.. which I was very excited about!  I don't think I could do it every morning though .. I'm so full!!

Met a great Irish girl called Toni who studied her 3rd year in Santa Cruz and was spending some time traveling before going home.  We've been hanging out for the past couple of days.  We went to Coronado beach which is just beautiful, the softest sand in the world!  Unfortunately the afternoon turned a bit cloudy and Toni was really tanned so didn't think she needed cream and burnt herself quite badly.  We were going to go surfing the next day but couldn't end up going cos the poor soul's skin was blistering.  After the beach we both came back and crashed out for a couple of hours before getting ready to head out for a few drinks.  We decided to start in the hostel bar is it's super cheap and a great wee place.. I'm ashamed to say we never made it out of there and I was crawling to bed 4 hours later.. I blame it on the extremely strong vodka and cranberries we were given.  It was a great night though and we met tones of other travelers.  The next day Toni nursed her skin and then we headed along to the harbour about 10 block from where we were staying.  We went onto the Navy Ship (from World War II) it was really fascinating.. I took loads of pics so you'll see! That took up most of our afternoon so we made our way back to the hostel where I began the daunting task of once again packing all my gear.. then grabbed a shower and went to meet Toni's friends for dinner (Vicky and Tom).  Vicky is from England and studied with Toni in Santa Cruz.. her boyfriend Tom came out to spend some time with her before they headed back for lots of rain!  Dinner was lovely then Toni and I went to catch a movie (Sicko by Michael Moore) it's a bit of a shocker... about American Health Insurance.. I guarantee every brit will be thankful for the NHS after watching it!  We went to have a couple of drinks in The Shout House bar but they wouldn't let me in without my passport.. can you believe it?! I'm 26 for crying out loud!! So.. sorry dad.. next time i'll take my passport!  Just about to leave for the bus station.. Las Vegas here I come (slightly worried!)

Photos / videos of "Further South...":

Right outside my hostel in the Gaslamp District Coronado Beach & Hotel (where 'some like it hot' was filmed) A water feature on the way to the Navy Ship View of San Diego on the way to Coronado A stone carving of the World War II Naval Ship Me at the harbour Toni Toni outside the Coronoado Hotel Tributes to those who died in World War II The ship View of the famous kissing statue from the harbour The statue up close (the story behind it is when the ship docked for the final time after the war had ended, a young man walked up to a young woman he didn't know and kissed her.. like this) One of the planes flewn in the war Pictures of the somewhat cramped conditions that they had to deal with whilst serving on the ship A typical bed.. storage underneath it The bunkbeds yes.. just a tad clostraphobic The anchor chains A motor of the most advanced plane at the time The prison cells Prison beds How men were discilplined The officers control room Another control area Me in the actual flight simulator/teaching pod they used in WWII to train pilots.. and yes I realised I look naked Inside the simulator Toni inside another simulator.. that allowed the teacher to be in the cockpit with the pilot in training View of the harbour from the ship The landing strip Jet plane.. similar to those used in Top Gun Missiles Jet engine Another jet.. It's a shame my Papa Lindsay isn't here.. he'd be able to tell me all of the makes and models that I have blatantly forgotten! Inside a Rescue Helicopter and again... The navigation Helicopter that detected other aircraft via radar The runway The Captains room Private lounge Meeting room with Officers Private Kitchen (with plastic chef) Me and a glass of vino The main control room.. I realise these pictures are slightly out of sync.. sorry! Main meeting room The Gaslamp District A beautiful building in San Diego The restaurant we had dinner in with Toni's friends Me, Toni, Vicky and Tom