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St Croix - Part 2

Sunay (1st July) Linda and I had been entered into a Mango Melee competition. Every year the people of St Croix hold a festival called 'Mango Melee', as this is when Mango's are in season (at their best). Connie helps to run a lot of the festivities and volunteered Linda and I in a Mango drink competition. Linda decided she was going to make a smoothie and I decide to make a cocktail.. similar to a Daiquiri. We both spent some time preparing the drinks and making a nice display tray for them to go on. I found out when I arrived that there were 7 other people that had entered. Aftera couple of hours.. where Linda and I had to make ourselves scarce and the judges were not allowed to know who had made which drink.. they announced the winners.. would you believe it.. I won! Pretty chuffed! Especially as I won $ that's nae bad! I also received a certificate and an apron.. woop woop!

After Linda and I sweating our pants off (i'm still not aclimatised) we headed home as Connie and I were due to meet Diane for a game of golf. My first time playing outside of Scotland.. was very excited! The course (that Ed and Connie live on) is so beautiful. And I can be forgiven for being a little rusty as it has been some 2 years since playing on a course (driving ranges don't count). Most of my shots left major room for improvement.. however I did get a whole in 2!!

Linda flew back to Alaska today. So after a farewell breakfast Ed dropped her at the airport. We then all went and had a round of golf. I played pretty much the same as Sunday.. but today it poured for 20 mins solid. Wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't been wearing an all-in-white ensemble with black bra and stripey pants.. lesson learnt there. 

That night (Tuesday) we went to Doug's for a party (a friend of Ed and Connie's).  He has the most amazing pad up in the hills with an incredible view of St Croix.. it was a real swish high flyers party.. it felt slightly surreal.  That night there was the most amazing moon.. my pictures do not so it justice.. everyone was gathered on the back terrace.     

I would love to say I spent my last day in St Croix on the beach or by the pool soaking up the sun but unfortunately it was spent washing (while I get the chance) and packing.. it takes skill to fit all of my stuff into my rucksack! However that night was the 4th of JULY!! We headed to Ed's work where he was holding a big bash for all his employees and their families (mainly cos he has the most fantastic view of the pier from his balcony (that runs the length of the offices.  The fireworks display was being held there.. so this was prime location! The fireworks were great.. Cruzians know how to party.. I have no doubt that it was going to carry on till dawn! But it was early to bed for us as we had to leave for the airport at 6:15 the following morning.  


Photos / videos of "St Croix - Part 2":

Mango'sa big thing here! My winning entry!! Playing golf (I'm the one in white) The view from Connie & Ed's House.. you can see us in the distance Ed and I Emily and I Me The amazing pool at the St Croix Party Party The biggest and brightest moon I have ever seen (photo doesn't do it justice) Ed and Connie's pool and again... hot tub in back-ground The barbeque area beside the pool (hammock left hand side) The Lemco's The dinning room/lounge The view from Ed's office The sunset on the 4th July 4th of July party in St Croix Fireworks 4th July and again... again... Me.. flying over the Bermuda Triangle breath-taking sea Bahamas En-route to Orlando Clouds don't ask.. it's just for spoffe and vix (kind of private joke)