St Thomas, Virgin Islands, U.S.
18° 21' N 64° 48' W
Jun 26, 2007 16:54
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St Thomas & Connie's B'day Party

We (Linda, Ed & I) landed in St Thomas and firstly found a lovely hidden cafe to have some breakfast.  After that we went for a wander round the shops, mainly to find a birthday present for Connie (which is why she wasn't allowed to come with us).  We went to many a jewelers to find her the perfect gift, and Ed finally chose a beautiful gold necklace for her.  After that we spent some time looing around the stalls (never a good idea for me) but instead of blowing all my spending money on useless tourist naff, I refrained and we left shortly after.. heading back to St Croix for our Coconut fix!

That Saturday was Connie's birthday.  Ed and Connie had invited friend's over for a party, for which we all prepared something.  My (or should I say my mum's) guacamole was a hit when I made fajitas and I was asked to make some more. Connie made some fantastic food, as did Linda.  The guests arrived and it wasn't long before the home-made sangria was flowing and the dirty jokes began.  Connie introduced me to Diane (a golf maniac) who insisted playing a round with me the following day!  It was a great night.

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The alley way where we had breakfast A restaurant in St Thomas and again ... Garden Party Connie (always wearing a smile) Guests enjoying the food Ed telling his stories Diane (the golf maniac) Ed and friend's