St Thomas, Virgin Islands, U.S.
18° 21' N 64° 48' W
Jun 25, 2007 03:00
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St Croix

Yes - Ball of Dirt doesn't recognise St Croix so i'm having to type the closest things to it!  I've have arrived in paradise.  Ed and Connie's place is amazing, my room overlooks their pool.  The views are fantastic, I am meeting so many wicked people. Linda (Ed's daughter who is here on holiday) took me snorkeling the other day.  It was brilliant! She took me through all the fish I should look out for and what I should avoid. The word hospital was mentioned more than once so I listened very carefully and was a little nervous entering the water but it was totally fine.  Think we're going again on Tuesday.  Ja Ja a really 'cool' Cruzan (native of St Croix) works at the beach club where we do our snorkeling.  He's so excited that i've not tried real coconut before and is bringing several different kinds on Tuesday! Superb!

Ed's taking me out in his plane on Tuesday.. flying me over all the islands.. how amazing is that!!! (He said he might even let me fly it.. god forbid.. can you imagine??!!!)

On my first day we hung out at the pool. Then we went to a lovely hotel for dinner and watched some mad dancing.. such a great atmosphere.  Ed invited Emily along (his friend's daughter who is my age) and we went out for a few drinks (with Linda) 'on the town'. We went to some lovely bars and the last one was at the pier and all opened out.. I did something called a 'car bomb' (Guiness, vodka and baileys) all i'm going to say is never again.  I can't be that dumb twice. 

The next day was snorkeling and that night headed out to a lovely restaurant over-looking the sea (we were about 150 ft up.. the view was spectacular.  Today I went out for a run around the outskirts of the golf course.. fantastic setting.. although just a tad hot.  We all then spent a couple of chill out hoursat the pool and then Linda took me to her favourite restaurant called the Lobster Grill- owned by her mate Frank (totally off the wall character).  He looked like a pirate.  That's it up until now (just about to head to bed) Supposed to be seeing some sights tomorrow.. should be fun!   

.... Up-date!  Connie took me to the farthest point in the US (Point Udah). Spectacular views (pics shall be uploaded soon).  We then went to a fabulous beach called Buck Island.  It is completely undeveloped land and they run daily trips out there.  It has the clearest blue water I have ever seen.. it was lush (we went snorkeling there too).  I got a bit burnt on the return journey.. hate when I fall into the 'dumb brit' category.  I was supposed to join everyone for 'cheap bastards night' .. a 2 for 1 evening at a local pub..(think Ed made up that name).  However, I was too ashamed of my lobsterness and ended up going to my friend Emily's instead. We had some marinated grilled veg .. scrum. 

Today was amazing.  Not only did Ed take me on a tour around the Island in his private plane, but on the way home he let me fly it!  Now when he mentioned this, I had a 10-20 second stint in mind.. more than enough for my weak heart.  But oh no..he literally gave me the controls the whole way home.. I was so nervous.  I even landed the damn thing! Goodness knows how I am sitting here in one piece.  As we approached the run-way Ed said 'now you see those lights in front of you? Well when the two on the left turn white it means you're coming in at the right height, if they stay red it means you're dead'.  Great I thought.. needless to say my eyes were fixated on these lights.. that DID NOT TURN WHITE.  As we got closer I began to panic, they still weren't white, and then we got pretty damn close and one of them turned white.. then Ed pipes up in his ever calm fashion 'right.. uhh.. maybe we want to be a little higher'.. followed by a command from air traffic control to get our asses up higher (or something along those lines).  I pulled up and we raised a little but we were so close to the runway that I landed not far from the start of the strip.  I had a few beads of sweat one might say. However, the landing was really good (If I do say so myself!). Such a great day and can't believe I flew a plane.     

We then ventured to the beach club where Ja Ja was waiting with fresh coconuts for us to try... I'd been looking forward to this.. his enthusiasim more than anything made me think I was in for a treat!  He cut two open and Linda and I proceeded to drink the milk. I have to say it didn't quite 'float my boat' and after a few sips I certainly wasn't 'feelin it' (as they say) and had really had enough.  I was trying to be discreet when Ja Ja turned to me and said 'get eet down yaa.. dat ees goowd fa yoo!' So somewhat under 'p' I drank the lot.  It was only an hour later, upon mentioning to Linda that I was begining to feel quite ill, that she remarked 'oh yeah, fresh coconut is like a pure laxative'. Great... just bloody great.  You think someone could have menioned this to me before I felt so bad about hurting Ja Ja's feelings?????!! 

We all decided to chill out tonight (I had to recoup before dinner) and then I cooked fajitas for everyone.. tasty!

...........Up-Date...Today Linda, Connie and I went Kayaking.. It was great fun.. although the guide who took us out made it more of a tourist information guide of Salt Water Lake than a kayaking trip.. but hey.. learnt some stuff I didn't know before! Connie and I shared a double and Linda and the guide shared the other one.  We paddled right out to the middle of the lake (which was huge) when Bryce (our guide) decideds to tell us that there are dangerous sharks in the lake that are very likely to attack you as the water is so mirky they just think you're a big fish.. brilliant.  Please to god Connie don't rock the kayak I thought to myself.  We made it out and back safely.. it was great fun..although next time I think i'd liketo try sea kayaking.. bit more adventure to it I think.  

Afterwards we checked out the old Sugar Mills that date from the 1700's when slaves worked there.  There was a museum so it was pretty interesting as it was what St Croix was mainly used for in those days..making all that rum!  They wouldn't let me take any pictures though..not sure why that was.. just got the old wave of the finger.  Then the four of us went to 'Off the Wall' for dinner - a fantastic little beach bar cafe.. and it's literally right on the ocean.  Ed at one point remarked it was so close he could spit in it! Thankfully he didn't demonstrate. There was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  Hope we go back there before I go.

Photos / videos of "St Croix":

Turquoise Waters View as we were driving down and again... The sea and again .. Buck Island View from the most easternly point of the United States (Point Udah) View from Point Udah Windsurfers The NASA satellite (of which there are only 4 in the world) that is used to search for extra terestrial life Linda at the pier Me and Ed flying the plane The sports club. It was so quiet, there's a wee chap called Ja Ja there who looks after your stuff if you go swimming or snorkeling.  The beach at the club A Lobster Cafe.. owned by a chap called Frankie.  He place was on a cliff over looking the sea.  Amazing views.. this was the view from the bar View from Frankie's Frankie's Steps down to the beach Connie, Linda and Ed (us having a barbeque) St Croix A lovely cafe/restaurant at the pier called Rum Runners.. It was right on the sea so whilst you were eating lunch crab would crawl up to your table and pinch at your toes to get you to throw food down.. hilarious The two ladies who run the animal shelter had kittens.. adorable kitten We stopped at an animal shelter that had lots of different animals.. these are baby bunny rabbits.. only 5 days old.. SO cute There's a myth amongst the Cruzians (St Croix locals) that there are ghosts on the Island and the best way of keeping them at bay is by hanging plastic bottles in the trees. This way they get confused when trying to make their way through them.  This chap has quite a serious superstition. Me driving the boat to Buck Island Buck Island with it's clear blue water.. lush Again.. View from the boat Buck Island is a national park so no one can build there. It is said to be the most beautiful beach in St Croix Leaving Buck Island St Croix from the sky St Thomas from the sky St Thomas St Croix (near Buck Island) Point Udah from the sky The pier from the sky Me Me flying the plane.. you can't see how tightly i'm gripping the handle bars Buck Island from the sky The beach from the final scene in Shawshank Redemption The hotel we had dinner at on my first night here St Croix Buck Island again St Croix pier Beautiful Caribbean Sea The run-way.. just before I landed the plane.. (clearly I was concentrating lots and not too busy taking pictures) Me and Ed by his plane Ed took us through the rain forest on our way to the sports club literally right the the forest Beach Ja Ja showing us how it's done mmmm.. if only I knew Me having a go.. watch those digits Ja Ja doing it properly now that bit was good The view from Ed's office.. I don't know how he works Off The Wall Beach Bar Dinner Yes.. they had a hammock Getting far too relaxed Ed and Connie Beautiful Sunset Off the wall after dark