Seattle, United States
47° 36' N 122° 19' W
Jun 13, 2007 20:50
Distance 193km

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My stay with the Boltz

After spending a fair amount of time getting through the border.. I eventually arrived in Seattle where I was supposed to meet Jeanette (Boltz) at the station, turns out we completely got our wires crossed and she was frantically trying to find me at a completely different station across town. She tried calling me but her phone wouldn't make international calls and I didn't know the international dialling code for the US (yes.. yes.. I now know it's the same as Canada).  I asked at the ticket office (the natural place to ask for help.. I thought) when I asked the lady if she might know the dialling code for the US she said (looking at me through her eyebrows) 'this is a train station'  just as well she told me cos I had no idea!! I replied 'I realise this is a train station but I was told you could help me.. clearly I was misinformed' .. 'correct' she snorted .. I thanked her for being so polite and ventured outside.  After a good couple of hours we found each other.. we felt our ordeal at least justified a strong G&T so Jeanette took me to a nearby (v.swanky) yacht club.  I felt like Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) when I walked in wearing jeans and a hoody.. I got a few looks put it that way.. even from a 7 year old girl.. the cheek!  So we had a lovely dinner there and then headed back to their beautiful home (quite the opposite from the hostels I've been in) where we watched meet the parents and had some munchies.  The next day they had everything planned out for me.  We left bright and breezy in the morning and went to the Snoqualmie Falls which was amazing.. and then had a delicious lunch in the attic restaurant over-looking the falls.

We then headed down-town to the famous Pike St Market.. it was brilliant!  Full of quaint stalls selling beautiful jewelry, amazing delicatessens (one of which was 100 years old) which I had to force myself to steer clear of.. just too tempting!  They took me to the first ever Starbucks.. of which Jeanette is an avid fan!  That night Jim and Jeanette took me to the Metropolitan Cafe, which is known for it's excellent stakes (the top 5% in the whole of the US) I would vouch for that.. the meal was 'to-die'.  They then took me to the pier where all the boats were moored.. the sunset was beautiful.  I feel really privileged .. I am getting the best tour of Seattle anyone could wish for! 

The culture here is wonderful.. so many old buildings, and quirky cafes, little ally-ways with coffee shops and everywhere you turn there are people singing in the streets. 

On my final day they took me to Jim's Harley Davidson dealership in Seattle and I met their daughter Kim who runs the store.  They then made sure I tasted some of the best ice cream (Baskin Robbins).. It was good.  That night Jim and Jeanette took me to a show called Teatro Zinzanni.  It was a fantastic show.. never seen anything quite like it!  You were served a 5 course meal and inbetween each course they peformed international cirque acts, improv comedy and cabaret.. brilliant night.  They wouldn't allow cameras in the tent though so I couldn't get pictures to show you all.  The worls famous performer Liliane Montevecchi (some of you might have seen her at Mrs DeLauer in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) she was fantastic. 

The next day, before heading to catch my bus, Jeanette took me up the Space Needle (had to be done) and I got some great snaps of Seattle.  Great finishing touch.  Then we grabbed some sushi (yum) before making our way to the station.  Goodbye Seattle! 




Photos / videos of "My stay with the Boltz":

Cheesecake cups.. S-C-R-U-M-IEEEE Chillies.. (just for raymondo) Sunny Seattle A fab deli.. 100 years old! and again.. stacks of yummy food Lats and lats of fresh fish.. they throw it to you (really) A little hidden Parisian Cafe over-looking the sea.. the picture's a little dark.. but the place had bags of character View from the Cafe and again... A little hidden Parisian Cafe over-looking the sea.. the picture's a little dark.. but the place had bags of character View from the Cafe and again... Fish market again.. me trying to catch a shot of them throwing the fish (and failing) and again... Pike St Market A band outside Starbucks Seattle The hotel where the Beatles stayed! (apparently) The Seattle Space Needle Beautiful Sunset and again... Me at the vineyard