Whistler, Canada
50° 3' N 122° 54' W
Jun 05, 2007 18:25
Distance 92km

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What can I say.. I have officially fallen in love with this place.  It is amazing.  I arrvied on Tuesday and met my room-mate Sal, a really nice girl from Germany who's working over here.  She came for a holiday and ended up staying.. it's that nice!  The hostel is a great wee place in Whistler Creek, about 5 minutes out of the main Village.. a bit cheaper.. which in a place like this is always handy.. (it's so expensive here).  My hostel, Southside Lodge, is surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers.. the smell when you step out the front door is lushious.. so fresh.

I arrived in the late afternoon so didn't plan on doing too much on my first night, apart from getting some food from the market for my tee and chilling out.  I decided to go Skylining on my first day, which was a great experience.  You're attached with a harness to a 'trolley' (handle bars hooked onto a thick wire) and then set free to whizz through the Canadian forests at 100km per hour 250 ft off the ground!  As you can imagine the views were spectacular.  Initially my trip was postponed as a Cougar had made it's way onto one of the platforms from which you set off.. luckily just as the last couple had gone.. not so lucky for the poor sod (aka Skyline Guide) who was left staring the big pussy cat right in the eyes as it walked towards him.  In this case his 2 years working as a guide came in handy as it took him approximately 1 second to hook a trolley onto the line, clip himself on push himself off the platform.  I'm then told the Cougar thought this was great fun (imagine a cat with a ball of string) as it pawed at him and ran along side him.. thankfully he got away.. by the skin of his teeth it would seem.  You can also imagine I felt completely safe when I arrived at the same platform only a couple of hours later.. 'the Cougar's gone' they said.. 'Well,, we can't find him anyway'.. brilliant I thought!   

The next day I went rafting.. absolutely brilliant.  I'm hooked.  I was put in a group with people my age which was good.. two obligatory macho boys sat upfront.. and showed off the 'muscle'.  Our rafting guide, Paul (kiwi.. they all were) was hilarious and spent his time 'ripping the p%#$ out of people.  The river we rafted on was grade 3.. as far as the strength of rapids go it was somewhere in the middle.  We were in the water for 50 mintues, althought quite a bit of that was spent rowing across the lake, which was ice cold.  I'm so glad I didn't fall in, may have suffered from hypothermia.  We had pockets to stick our feet in so we didn't fall out, but we were warned that sometimes the rapids are so strong you can easily get thrown out.  The guides made me promise to check out the rapids in New Zealand as they are some of the best in the world apparently.. say no more i'm there!

Whilst in Whistler, my room-mate Sal and I went out for a few beverages, we enjoyed some beer pitchers at the downstairs diner.. well for $10 it would be rude not to!  We then ventured into the local club.. Mojo's I think it's called, where they were holding a 'Miss Whistler' contest.. brilliant for all the lads in there, not so entertaining for us ladies!


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Whistler Creek Village My Hostel - Southside Lodge Whistler Creek Mall A beautiful mountain I passed on the way home Some amazing Whiistler scenery and again.. and again// A gorgeous lake in Whistler ... The rockies!! a wet Whistler Creek Whistler Creek Mountain The view from my window (Huskys Garage on the left.. where a I bumped into a girl from Helensborough.. small world!) another of Whistler Creek (just opposite my Lodge) another view of Whistler Creek View from the bus-stop (I clearly love this place.. I cannot stop taking pictures) Whistler Creek A very cloudy mountain Whistler Village The shopping district Water Feature The Village and again.. The Skylining shop (where I purchased my ticket) Wooden hut on Cougar Mountain View from Cougar Mountain (where I went skylining) Track on the mountain There are bears on the mountain..(more like brown dots) look REALLY closely!! View from the village Whistler Mountains The Internet Cafe on the far left