Vancouver, Canada
49° 15' N 123° 7' W
Jun 01, 2007 20:12
Distance 7044km

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Well.. one could say i've not had the best start to my trip but what doesn't break us makes us stronger (as they say).

The lovely airline that is BA didn't think it was necessary to put my bag on the plane.. I guess they just thought I'd brought it along for novelty value.. numpties.  Then in a bid to find the hostel i'd booked months in advance I jumped on a bus into downtown Vancouver, where I was subsequently told by the driver that the area I was due to stay in was one of the worst in Vanouver and was full of junkies etc.. fabulous.  However, taking into account the time and my jet lag I decided to take his comment with a pinch of salt and head on down there anyway to check it out.  It wasn't until I got on the second connecting bus when a different driver told me the same thing and warned me from going.  At this point it was 10:30pm at night and I ended up bus hopping to find somewhere to crash... not good for my first night in a strange country on my own.  So I got some advice of a good place to stay and when I eventually found it it was fully booked.. so I headed off to the nearest hotel that had a free room where they stung me for $220 the buggars.. they saw me coming as my mum said.. what a rip off.  Especially seeing as they didn't even have the courtesy to wash the sheets properly!! I didn't miss the manager when I checked out the next morning and got a free breakfast out of it.

Feeling well rested and refreshed I headed out the next day to find a cheaper more appropriate abode for me to rest my head.  Raymond, forever the hero in a crisis, found me a great hostel near Jericho beach which I will be staying at for 3 nights.  Great place, and right on the beach. 

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Jericho Beach (from the pier) View of the sea from the Pier As above Vancouver Island from Jericho Beach Pier The hostel I stayed at (in Jericho Beach) Jericho Jericho Vancouver