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Jun 01, 2007 20:04
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What a send off.. Raymondo showed us all he's not just a pretty face by organising a bloody fantastic leaving doo for me.. such a cracking night, what with flags and a guitarist, not to mention to waiter in a tux delivering a champagne reception.  But what started as a relatively sophisticated evening  soon began  to get a bit messy when the slippery nipples came out (that's shots of  sambucca and baileys for those of you who were getting excited there).  Brilliant night had by all.. and will miss everyone lots - so you'd all better come out and see me! the pics will be uploaded soon!

Photos / videos of "Farewell":

My surprise at all the effort Raymond has gone to Fi on the dancefloor.. a running theme at Raymond's parties Us all outside.. from who I can see there's Me, Raymond, My mum, Aunt Annie, Frannie, Daniella, Monica, Oksana, Simon, John, Spoffe, David, JP, Duncan, Jackie, Rab, Hazel and Eric! see previous ... ... Me and Honky Raymondo and I Rab, Me and Hazel Me and Raymond