Viechtach, Germany
49° 28' N 12° 25' E
Dec 29, 2007 21:26
Distance 261km

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Welcome 2008

New years was celebrated in Viechtach.  Jude’s cousin Peter took us to his mates place where he was cooking a bunch of people dinner; a delicious salmon dish using fillets he had caught that year in Alaska.  You can’t get more authentic than that!  There was quite a range of people - Kiwi, Czech, Bavarian and Dutch.  Somehow everyone spoke a bit of English!  After eating dinner, drinking a few Becks figuring out what the new year would bring we headed to Schnitzmuller. 

The tradition in Germany is to melt a piece of lead based metal over a flame and then tip the molten metal into cold water.  The shape that is created is meant to tell you what your new year will bring you.  This would be good if anyone of us made a shape that actually resembled anything!!!?. 

Schnitzmuller is a local restaurant / bar on the outskirts of Viechtach.  When we arrived everyone was just counting down to midnight.  At this point the fireworks started.  There was some huge ones!  Even skyrockets that have been banned in NZ for years were being let of all over the place.  Crazy and cool at the same time.  After the beer garden had been annihilated with fireworks every went back inside to party some more.  It was a fun place to spend the new year.  We though that we’d be able to catch a taxi home.  It turns out that Viechtach only has about 2 taxis and at new years they are flat out!  We called and they kept telling us they would be there in 20 minutes.  2 hours later we decided it would be quicker to walk.  It took us about 40 minutes which really is not as bad as I thought.  We often walk that far in Edinburgh and I guess Viechtach is tiny.  So, from its outskirts to town was not exactly a marathon.           

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