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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Mike and Jude have never had a white Christmas.  What an opportunity, while in Europe. Christmas was going to be cold plus Jude had a hunch it was going to be white and that, it might snow on the day!!.  

In Czech tradition, the giving of gifts happens on the evening of the 24th of December.  Dinner is carp (Very large fish from river)  traditional potato salad and lots of fresh chopped veges followed by Christmas baking.  You are supposed to have fasted all day so that you don’t feel ridiculously bloated once you demolish all these treats. 

As the family live in Germany, we had an excursion on the 23rd of December to the Czech Republic to purchase the carp.  The Czechs definitely like their carp fresh.  When you purchase them, you chose a live specimen from a large container and they kill it for you.  Two fish were brought back to Regen. 

On the morning of the 24th we had snow for several hours!  It was beautiful.  Grandma made fish schnitzel and Teta (aunty) Jana baked her carp whole with garlic and they were both a treat for dinner.  Jude was the only one who managed to fast all day but she probably ate enough in calories at dinner time to cover the entire day!  There were soooo many yummy cookies to try.  Seriously, the Czechs must spend days and days baking and decorating these creations, they are very elaborate.  So much so that you almost feel bad eating them. Mmmmmm C is for cookie..Cookie is for me!!!! Our particular favourites were vosi hnizda (wasp nests).  A chocolate sponge  crumbed biscuit mixture is stuffed into a wasp nest shaped mould, a hole is made in the centre, the hole is filled with a Rrrrum flavoured egg yolk mixture and the base is covered with a plain sponge biscuit (like the biscuits you use for tiramisu only small and round).  It is a taste explosion!

As we stuffed ourselves with the baking, Jude’s cousins Susi and Clara and her Uncle Vendy performed a concert for the family.  They even sung “New Zealand Blue” (their alteration of “California Blue”) for Mike and Jude.  It was very cool.

Then came a LOT of presents.  Our favourites were fingerless gloves, knitted for us by Jana and Susi.  We got one hand each wrapped up and wondered where the other one had got to.  Well, it was inside a combined Mike and Jude present and it was a COMBINED GLOVE.  For when we want to walk holding hands!!! Uncle Vendy received a great looking head massager that is supposed to stimulate hair growth.  That was definitely the evenings entertainment as everyone wanted to have a go. Vendy made a very handy travelling device to house this UNBELIEVEABLY INCREDITABLE master piece.

Once Grandma and Grandpa went home, we spent a while preparing breakfast and lunch for the next day.  We were leaving at 7:30am with a 4 hour motorway drive to Austria, we had to have our meals prepared!

Photos / videos of "Dreaming of a White Christmas":

Got to get the right carp.  Grandpa checks them out. Vendy on double bass, Clara on vocals and Susi on piano - what a sweet concert. Grandpa receiving a gift at Christmas Family Christmas Mike, Clara, Jude, Susi and Vendy in a pic by the Christmas tree.