Edinburgh, United Kingdom
55° 57' N 3° 12' W
Dec 01, 2007 11:06
Distance 873km

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Festive Edinburgh

Back in Edinburgh after our travels, we had a bit of an engineering reunion with Jude's classmates Hannah, Mel, Richie and Toby up from London and Middlesburgh.  It was really great to catch up with them all and take them around the sights.  The Christmas markets were in full swing so after a big climb up Arthurs seat we headed there for some ice skating action and a well deserved mulled wine.  The evenings meal was very Scottish thanks to the Albanach on the Royal Mile serving up plenty of haggis and bangers!  Yum.

Photos / videos of "Festive Edinburgh":

The boys: Toby, Mike and Richie (all fronm 4th floor Moore House at R&R Hall 2000!) The girls: Jude, Mel and Hannah Jude and Mel on the top of Arthur's Seat.  There was super wind chill factor up here, but a sunny day with a great view made it totally worthwhile! Jude and Mike up the top of Arthur's seat.  One of our fav Edinburgh places.  We have to take all our friends here! Mike on the way down Arthur's Seat Jude getting into her first Scottish skating experience. Mike busting out the moves.  All that roller blading as a kid made him awesome! All of us, enjoying a mulled wine after skating.  That stuff is soooo fab for warming you up on a chilly winter day.  Alcoholic, citrusy, all spice sweetness... mmm.  Toby, Sandra, Hannah, Richie, Mike, Mel and Jude Jude's Scottish dinner - Haggis, neeps and tatties.  OK so the haggis is vegetarian.  After all, the insides of a sheep are still classed as red meat!?  The meal came complete with whiskey sauce and oat cakes, very scottish indeed! Typical shot of Edinburgh. People with their umbrellas.  Lucky we took them out with us on Saturday night.  It was only spitting but if you carry the umbrella around with you all day, you have to take the opportunity to use it!