Viechtach, Germany
49° 4' N 12° 53' E
Sep 21, 2007 19:59
Distance 127km

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A Small Town in Bavaria

We spent the next three days in Viechtach.  Mike practising his Czech (and being congratulated by the family for every correct word, oh the excitment),all of us taking turns to buy bretzl for breakfasts from the local bakery, going out for drinks with the cousins, playing cards (karty) with Deda (Grandpa), enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine and having family gatherings.  The family gathering was particularly eventful.  It was held at Uncle Tomas's new place out in the forest where he has his own trout ponds.  Dinner consisted of German sausage roasted on a bonfire with plenty of veges and bread to go with it and some of Babi's (Grandma) cake to finish it off.  The uncles even brought a piano out for the evenings entertainment.  They were all so skilled that we were a little embarrassed, however, we wowed them all with our own rendition of the haka.  Let’s face it, photos say a lot more than words, so here they are.

Photos / videos of "A Small Town in Bavaria":

The view of the town from Grandma and Grandpa's place. One of our very common games of cards.  It was sooo good getting so much sun after Scotland! Today was Jude's turn to do the 10 minute walk to tge bakery.  Those German bretzls are the best. Just looked so cool against the blue sky that I couldn't help myself! After a small mission to the local river these misfit looking fishermen (and women) came back with a couple of fish! Crazy that this piano was brought to the middle of nowhere for the fmaily concert! We even collected a whole bunch of mushrooms in the forest.  Grandma made yummy soup out of them. Roasting the sausage how you like it.  Only sticks, no dishes - just the way we like it! Uncle Tomas took us fishing in his trout ponds.  This is my kinda fishing - a catch pretty much every time. OK, so every fisherman needs to be able to gut the fish.  Good lesson from Tomas.  I make a mean fillet now.  But, I do recommend wearing a shorter scarf - fish guts and blood on scarf are not attractive,- lucky its red! The family entertainers. These guys just didn't stop - this time is was the double bass and guitar.