Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Sep 02, 2007 21:30
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The Most Amazing Fireworks we've ever seen

OK, so photos don't do these justice.  But, lets be honest, the fireworks were amazing.  These fireworks occur every year at the Edinburgh Castle on the last day of the festival.  This year, sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland (who must have spent a few mil on those bad boys!) the fireworks are let off to the sounds of the Scottish Symphony Orchestra.  It must be a pirotechnics dream to get to figure out how all that timing is going to go.

Our favourite was the waterfall of fire from the castle wall that trickled down the cliff face, eliminating all the wee trees and shrubs trying to grow back from last year.  If you're on this side of the world over summer, the Edinburgh festival and its fireworks is a must!

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