Blenheim, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
41° 30' S 173° 56' E
Jun 01, 2007 11:31
Distance 470km

Text written in: English

The Mainland and its brew of 95

Our week in Blenheim has been fabulous as expected!  I love my home town in winter.  It's a bit chilly in the mornings but has the most fabulous sunny winter's days.  Again, we have spread our new found liberation from clutter by demolishing things around Mum's place and filling a couple more skips full of junk.  During the process of emptying the shed, we managed to find a famous Antonin Slovak brew of apple wine from way back in 1995.  Of course we had to crack open a bottle and have a taste - not bad at all I have to say.  After all, wine does get better with age. 

The highlights of Blenheim were:
1.  Climbing the Wither Hills to get that one last look at Blenheim town.
2.  Eating out at Blenheims' fine Poppy Thai restaurant - westernized Thai cuisine to get our palates adjusted.
3.  Compulsory coffee at Chequers - Blenheims' classiest cafĂ© and wine bar.  We visit this place every time we are here, so why change this time
4.  Running down the incredibly straight Dillons Pt Rd - boring, but beautiful scenery.  The view of the Richmond Range with the autumn vineyard colours in the foreground are a definite favourite.
5.  And of course catching up with family and friends.

I also got my hands onto a Thailand Lonely Planet at Dad's place.  This sweet little book informed me that there is an elephant park in Bangkok called the Samphran Elephant ground where you can supposedly ride elephants and watch them strutting their stuff.  We will definitely be paying a visit to that place on our quest to ride an elephant.

Tomorrow its off to Auckland on a tiny pencil plane and one final night in NZ...

Photos / videos of "The Mainland and its brew of 95":

Jude and her bro Jake climbing Blenheim's beloved Wither Hills.  The Mainlands most fabulous town graces the background (OK, so I am a little biased)! Mum and Jake on the evening that we celebrated Mum's birthday.  We cooked her a special gourmet dinner, her favourite - lamb with basil pesto, mash corn, snow peas and broccoli.  (Really just the good old meat and 3 vege) Jude, Mum and Jake during Mum's birthday dinner.  mmmm meat and 3 vege (OK so Jude has a vege meal since there's no red meat for her). We had to put a skip picture in.  After all we have filled three of these in the last couple of weeks! The Richmond Ranges with those fab autumn vineyard leaves - you gotta love those colours. Maybe this is the story of our travels - lots of long roads!  This one is VERY straight.  When you're running down it feels like it will never end!