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May 13, 2007 00:10
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Almost ready to go...

Today is the day when everyone calls their Mums and tells them that they are beautiful. Currently, I am writing while lying on the floor of the lounge in the blueberry muffin. All our couches are sold so we are living like hobbos (except that we have a house). Last night, Mike, Mel, Richie and I shared our 2 remaining bean bags while eating dinner - all class I say! There is less that a week left for us in the sunny Bay of Plenty and we extracted ourselves from packing duties (hard work) for a night out with the buddies. It was a Scottish themed dinner at Amphora (where you can byo wine with no corkage fee). Perfect. The classiest item had to be Grant's Ginga hair will tartan hat. Was weird to think that there were people there that we won't see again for a while =( Last night was farewell to Austin and Corrine with a night at the Oscars, complete with red carpet. I was impressed with their efforts, and of course I got dress up which is something all chicks are into! Today its Chem Eng reunion for brunch... I swear all this wining and dining is going to do something nasty to me. I will enjoy every moment while it lasts cos who knows what we'll get on the other side. So, with 3 more days left at work we are both VERY excited. Complete abandonment of everything we know does that to us. Lucky we have each other and the world is "our oyster" (I have always wanted to use that quote).

Photos / videos of "Almost ready to go...":

Gotta love the Ginga hair Grant!  Trent, Alison, Penny, Grant and Chris.  That wig was a real winner at Amphora. Ben and Mike - secretly they want to be at the Fat Snapper rather than Amphora, their fav local hangout! Lucky those HG boys have their mints,a bit of breath freshning doesn't go amiss after all those chardonnays.  Jude, Kev, Mike and Grant