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Mar 14, 2007 10:30
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I love Paris in the Springtime

Took a red-eye via Detroit, which wasn't too bad actually since the seat next to me was empty, and a friend had lent me her "1st Class Sleeper", basically a raft that you inflate and lean against, it smooths out all the bumps and provides support for your back. Greg lives near the main train station for the train in from CDG and I walked to his house from there. I arrived an hour earlier than I had anticipated (due to both the flight landing early and no lines AT ALL through passport control OR customs and my luggage was waiting on me). His response when he opened the door was "You've got to be kidding me." A warm welcome. He had put off cleaning to the last minute and thought he had another hour to do the rest, which was why he couldn't believe I was that early. Really tho, for a 28 year old single guy, the place was pretty clean. Realizing as I write this I took no photo of his apartment. It was a fairly big studio, quite comfortable really.

We chatted, I cleaned up, and we headed out to the various neighborhood shops (bakery, cheese shop, meat shop, wine shop, produce) to buy our picnic lunch. The weather when I landed was FABULOUS, mid-60s (F) and blue skies. We hopped on the metro (subway) to the Ile de St Louis (island in the Seine) where we had a really fun picnic lunch with Notre Dame (on the next island) looming in the background. That lasted a few hours, then we got ice cream and walked around the island and over to Ile de la Cite, the island where Paris was founded by the Parisii tribe 2,000 years ago. It also houses Notre Dame, which we walked around (but chose not to go up to the top). Then we walked around the Latin Quarter and must have done some other things, but now I forget what they are. It was a great intro day to Paris - a gorgeous city.

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Our picnic by the Seine. That's Notre Dama looming in the background. Don't worry, there's plenty more photos where that came from. Notre Dame (from the side) I love flying buttresses. More flying buttri Our Lady The interior of Our Lady It took us 5 minutes to find this Point Zero, the center of Paris. All distances are measured from here. "Rick" says that this is the world's most photographed gargoyle, so I had to oblige. Everywhere in central Paris, the architecture was beautiful, but especially in these pricy areas on the Seine. Fountain St. Michel. Some historical significance I'm sure. My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame at sunset. The Seine at sunset.