Devils Marbles, Australia
20° 30' S 134° 14' E
Aug 03, 2007 04:17
Distance 95km

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Devils marbles

The following morning at Juno Horse Farm, we managed to watch our 6th sunrise in a row – I then decide to take a quick walk around the horse farm, I could hear horses all night long but I could not see them. Before long I came across beautiful big horses, one silky black and the other chocolaty brown. I stood at the gate for a moment watching them eat grass and circle the field when a lady approached me, I jumped, not expecting to see anyone – we got chatting and it turned out she owned the horse farm, her and her 12 year old daughter. They own 7000acres of land and have14 horses’ altogether (1 wild one that is to be put down next Tuesday), the 12 year old girl does not go to school, she is to stay at home… cook, clean and ride. Together they show me around there strange but homely house. It must be hard; no school, no friends, no shops. A crazy experience, a different life, I always wondered if these types of people exist and now I know they do. “Juno Horse Farm”…the kind of place that makes you feels as though you truly are in the middle of nowhere. First stop Devils marbles. Andrew, Manni and I decided to take a different route to the advised one. We were given 1.5hours to go and get lost amongst the marbles…. And that’s exactly what we did! The marbles were very impressive, a lot bigger than id imagined. Devils Marbles is an area that rises up out of nowhere, as most of the interesting things in Oz seem to do. The ground is made of layers of sandstone and granite. Over the years the sandstone washed away leaving round granite boulders in the midst of otherwise flat desert! The boulders range in size, and placement. Some are off by themselves, and others are all piled on top of each other, but you can see the distinct lines where each one begins and ends, very cool place (even more so if you are into geology which I know nothing about!)

There is also old Aboriginal legend about the place and the other people, non-Aboriginals who live under the rocks and will make you go crazy if you talk to them. There is no cure once this happens to you, they used to know a song to make you better, but in modern times it has been lost and forgotten!!!

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