Iguazú, Argentina
25° 34' S 54° 33' W
Apr 15, 2007 19:28
Distance 1079km

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Iguazu Falls

Amanda:     After four days in Buenos Aires, we boarded our flight for Puerto Iguazu and enjoyed our entertainment of choice for long flights and bus rides:  watching 'Coupling' on Vaughn's PDA.   
When we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, we cought a cab to go to our hotel and drop off our bags, but as we passed the National Park our taxi driver pointed it out and started telling us how great it was, so we decided to go straight there without going to our hotel first.  We had about 6 hours at the park and they told us most people spend 6 to 7 hours, so we kind of quickened our pace on all the trails to be sure we'd see everything. 

We took a little train to the top of the falls and walked out over a series of iron walkways to the very top of the 'Garganta del Diablo' - the biggest falls.
Within minutes we were entirely soaked!  The heavy mists and wind totally soaked us which was absolutely magnificent.  I've never been to falls this big in my life.  Never even imagined waterfalls could be this big. 
Anyway, after that we headed to the bottom of the falls for our boat ride. The boat ride was crazy!  It was super fast and they tilt the boat almost 90 degrees on it's side....then they drive right up to the falls and take the boat into the cascading water.  Needless to say we were soaked again.  Afterward, we realized Vaughn still had his money belt on, so we had to airdry it as best we could.

After the boat ride, we finished up the day at the intermediate section of the falls (somewhere in the middle of the falls area).....And, there we saw a river otter!  It was so beautiful and graceful.  It swam around, diving, hunting, eating and even swimming toward us and looking at us, for about 30 minutes.  We were pretty entranced.  I declared river otters to be my favorite animal.........so far on this trip, I enjoyed the river otter most of all the wildlife sitings.  It was so wild.  Even the park ranger was surprised we'd seen one.  She said they're rare.

So, our day ended on that wonderful note and we walked out of the park and during our walk befriended a nice couple (our parents age) from Texas.  They were so nice they insisted on giving us a ride back into town since they had a rental car and we were going to try to get a taxi.  So, we mad some friends and by about 7:30 that night we finally checked into our hotel. 

It was a great first day at Iguazu!

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