Carbin Reef, Philippines
10° 59' N 123° 27' E
Dec 17, 2006 05:52
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Just a lil' sand bar


I've gone to Carbin Reef twice. The first time I went there, it was when my friends and I sort of just decide to go Carbin. We had just left Lakawon Island and had just spent most of our money there. We went up to the road where you turn going to the port to Lakawon and decided to go left, go East. (Bacolod is to the South). We knew our friendwas sort of exiled in Sagay and we decided to visit him. Had lunch there in his honor and with his money. Haha! Still having a lot of time to spend, we decided to visit some beaches in Sagay. We settled to one beach where from afar, Carbin Reef. Passing the hat around, we came up with some money for a boat rental, which was sort of expensive with what we could afford at the shortage of money. But we managed.

It was nearing sunset when we left for that lil' sand bar some 30minutes boat ride away.

We got there, around 15 of us and were congratulating everyone's mood for adventure. We swam 'til the sunset. Left in the dark, cold, our boat gliding through the calm waters of the ocean. Everyone tired.


Carbin Reef is a 30-meter stretch of sand at lowtide and shrinks to 15 at high. Carbin Reef is a Natural Preserve and a beautiful dive spot.


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