Busan, South Korea
35° 6' N 129° 2' E
May 17, 2007 03:03
Distance 95km

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Busan: Texas Street, Russians, and Filipinos

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.  A couple of weeks ago I headed to Busan with my mate Peter.  Busan is the second largest city in Korea and I believe the fourth busiest port in the world.  The Russian district named Texas street is infamous; therefore, a couple of shady guys like Peter and myself decided to make it our base of operations.  All of the restaurant, bar, and cafe signs were all in Russian.  A bit surreal being that I have never been anywhere where the Russian alphabet is prominent, let alone the fact that I am in South Korea.  The pics speak for themselves.  Culture was not exactly what Peter and I had our minds on.  We spent a couple of hours on Gwangalli beach and the rest of our time with shady Russian and Filipino girls on Texas street.  Enjoy and hopefully you get some laughs from the pics.  Cheers!

Photos / videos of "Busan: Texas Street, Russians, and Filipinos":

It's cloudy so the ocean doesn't look that great but it's clear as can be. Me and the crazy Britt Bar over looking the ocean Peter and Natasha.  She doesn't even speak Korean.  She's Russian. A group of high schoolers who showed Peter and I a club where we could continue our debauchery.  Anastasia.  Nope, not Korean. I forgot her name.  Gangster at Kazakhstan cafe. Filipino and Peter Sorry Mom.  I didn't tell her to do that. Filipino I think it's time to go home. Still time to go home. Still haven't gone home. On the deck of the Hollywood Bar.