Rarotonga, Cook Islands
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Mar 02, 2007 23:07
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Day 5

Last night I watched a tv show about the life of Nelson Mandela and then ate a piece of cheese and had the craziest dreams anbout bank robberies and asylums...nice.

It's funny what makes you appretiate things. I have an ear infection and am completley deaf in my left ear. Now I know a bit more of what mum feels like. So feeling sick and my balance off I made my way into town to get some ear drops and see the pharmacist. Then we got the clockwise bus back to the hostel ( the island has one road which circles the island and so has two buses, clockwise and anti-clockwise) so we could see the rest of the island.

Once back at the hostel we were invited to tea with Angus and his girl Mel. Angus had caught two tuna fish earlier today so that was the tea. We prepared the salad and we all had a good feed. We talked about moveis and comics and other ramdom talk before they went off to watch a movie.

It was Jane and Sarahs last night so we went up to their bungalow to have drinks. I had a slow pint and the three girls polished off just over a litre of vodka between then. Needless to say I had to carry Mia back to the hostel but it was a really good night and we all exchanged our knee stories, and learnt again that nurses are the most goody goody girls you could ever meet...right.

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