San Francisco, United States
37° 46' N 122° 25' W
Feb 13, 2007 10:01
Distance 672km

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San Franisco 1

So we got up early to get the plane to San Francisco, we took some photos of the animal sculptures in the airport. I slept all the way through the flight.

Once we got to San Francisco we jumped on the bart system and missed our stop, so we turned round and got off at the civic centre. When we came out into the street we thought we might end up in a not so nice part of town. So we jumped on the bus and went to Haight and Marsonic and then walked to Jay's house and were a lot happier as it was in a fantastic looking neighbourhood. All the houses looked like the ones you see in the movies.

When we got to the door we knocked in case anybody was in and the door was opened by Jen who was staying at Jays until the builders had left her house. She was really nice and very easy to talk to. She gave us all the info that Jay was to give us and we found the key under the mat. As we were couchsurfing we didn't expect much but we had been given the spare room with an ensuit bathroom that rocked!!

As Jen was watching a movie we went down to the visitor info place where we picked up a week passport that saved us loads of cash on bus/cable car trips etc. Then off to Fishermans Wharf on the cable car to have a look around. On the cable car we got loads of views of the golden gate bridge and and Alkatraz.

Once at pier 39 we saw the seals, no one ever tells you how much they really stink, and had a wonder around the shops. Then it was lunch at Boudins and for me and big bread bowl of clam chowder...mmm. mmm. mmm. We took a walk around the aquerium and caught the guys feeding the sharks, we also got to touch the sting rays and small leopard sharks. After a long day whats better than a coctail and a bloody mountain of chocolate cake in the rainforest cafe.

So back to Jays for some rest before we went out in the evening as it's Jay's birthday and one of the local pubs will be having a strong beer night. We got to the house and we planned to rest before going out but Jay came home and we spet ages talking before going out into the city to the 21st amendment for strong beer. Mia was happy as they had all sorts of cider. It was a great night and much talk was thrown about in the usual drunken way when friend get together or meet new friends...such an entertaining evening.