Meningie, Australia
35° 42' S 139° 19' E
Mar 14, 2007 05:44
Distance 270km

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The Coorong

We continued up the coast to the lagoons of Coorong National Park, held in by a hundred mile long bar of dunes composed of crushed shells.  It's a tremendous birding location, but the drought has taken its toll on the wildlife.  It was still interesting, though, and the parts fed by the Murray River, and therefore holding fresher water still had lots of pelicans, ibises, spoonbills and the like.  We also spent a fascinating two hours with the curator of the aboriginal museum at Camp Coorong, a facility concentrating on educating groups about the local indigenous cultures.

Photos / videos of "The Coorong":

On the edge of a hypersaline lagoon in the Coorong. We didn't identify the vegetation yet, but it's quite common here. On clear nights we see the Southern Cross, center. Many pelicans in the Coorong Birdwatching is a favorite activity, especially here. We camped at Meningie at the north end of the coorong, and the pelicans don't seem too shy of the truck.