Petriti, Greece
39° 16' N 20° 0' E
Oct 16, 2002 08:00
Distance 191km

Text written in: English

Sailing towards Petriti

We got up first thing to turn off the alarm that we had forgotten was set on the CD player. It is a portable we brought with us from the UK.. so it was set to UK time.. or something really wierd.. anyway it woke us up in the middle of the night.. and it was loud.

We threw off the mooring lines around 9am and navigated the tight harbour entrance (about a meter either side) and headded up north into the Naval Authorities Entry Prohibited area. No one bothered us and we had an excellent time swimming in a small bay. Actually, if the military/coastguard boys did decide to come and check us out I am pretty sure they would have eyed up my awesome girth and instantly worked out that I was not part of an undercover crack military secret squad trying to infultrate Albania via the Greek border.

Bearing that in mind, we had bacon and eggs for lunch with deep fried bread in olive oil. Excellent.

After the swim and a good feed we set sail for Petriti back on the island of Corfu. Half way we got board and decided to hoist the girls up the mast. We did, they took some piccies from up there. At around 3:30 the wind got up to about 6 KTS which made travelling a bit more exciting. It is was good to start off sailing slowely so we could all get a feel for what rope needed to be pulled when...

After an hour or so we hit the port of Petriti, or so we thought. We set anchor in a very classy manoevure reminicent of a sea hardened pro-sailor with 30 years experience as opposed to "well we haven't crashed yet" first timers on a 38ft boat. We will get a longer one next time :-)

We got off the boat, nothing. Nothing at all. Hmmm wrong place. So after a quick coordinate fix with the GPS and some serious chart reading we decided to pull anchor and head the 3 km up the coast to the north west.

In a strange quirk of fate we managed to ground the boat leaving the harbour, the same entrance we had come in just 10 minutes previous. But now looking back on the map it did say 1m depth. Capt. Deano mentioned something about battling off a wasp at the time but with some quick reversing all issues vanished and we were back on the high seas.

The wind over was flying along at 8 KTS which wasjust great, we got in some propper sailing and got that americas cup feeling.

We hit Petriti at around 6pm and a few minutes later we were at one of the local restaurants where the cunning propritor managed to extract 150 euro without us hardly noticing. The food was excellent... but I decided to call it a night quite early and the others went out. They seemed quite 'happy' when they returned. Seperatly.

Photos / videos of "Sailing towards Petriti":

Swimming at the nice illegal bay Finola in the galley That bay again Jacqui Deano Headding off A quaint little bay we went for a swim in its getting further away Captain Deano Almost there... Finola in the sun The wide blue thinggy Self portrait Self portrait Self portrait Jacqui Leppan Deano Jacqui Near miss almost a near miss another near miss boat wake Hoisting the girls up the mast More mast hoistage Jacqui going up the mast Foto from the top of the mast Foto from the top of the mast Finola getting harnessed up Finola again Finola.. almost ready to go up the mast Finola up the mast Finola up the mast The mooring at Petriti Petriti The warf at Petriti Finola, all glossed up Deano in the Toilet.. classy shot