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Oct 14, 2002 19:25
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Leaving London

After a quick trip down the Hammersmith High Road I now have everything an intrepid traveller requires.

New battry for digital camera, some dodgy £1.50 a pair set of jandals (thongs for aussies), some really stylie boat pants for sitting on 'the boat' and some KFC for the road.

I make a quick dash for for some weather info: looks good.

Partly coudy but between 23 and 27 degrees C. Sounds good enough for me, but might pack some warmish clothes for the evening.

Monday 74 (23) | 58 (14)
Tuesday 75 (24) | 59 (15)
Wednesday 80 (27) | 59 (15)
Thursday 81 (27) | 59 (15)
Friday 81 (27) | 63 (17)

Price wize it was also quite attractive only costing about £200 each for the week... plus some flights there and back. The only problem is that we are departing like at 11:30 at night and arrive about 5am. Just in time for sunrise at 6:49am and to take posession of the boat around 8:30am. I am going to sleep well tomorrow night.

I have found a selection of reading materials incuding the french version of the Jules Verne classic "Autour de la Lune" and a pocket english/french dictionary. Just wish I had taken this approach when I was learning French at school... I probably wouldn't need the dictionary, well it's better than plowing thru some shitty Clancy novel.

To take the hex of my perhaps impossible plan of reading a foreign kids book I have also packed "Integrated Circuit Design and Technology". In english.

More in a few days.

The intrepid journey continues.