Aurangābad, India
30° 5' N 77° 45' E
Oct 08, 2007 17:01
Distance 1335km

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Ellora Caves

This place was noisy and dirty but we only stopped here to see the amazing Ellora caves. We caught a local bus to get there but it ended up breaking down about 20min into the journey so after a bit of a wait we squeezed on to another bus. eventually we got there in the heat of the day but this place was worth the detour! there were 29 caves filled with Hindu Jain and Buddhist temples and monasteries. but the best was the huge Kailasa temple. the build it they carved away 200,000 tones of rock from the mountain side!!! After seeing this temple with all of its carvings the other caves were very modest in comparison!

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Yusuf on the train Inside the Temple Detail of outside carvings The Kalisa Temple Man in the temple Buddhist Cave Late night snacks